Vacation to China? Here are the Tips to Make Your Vacation Even More Enjoyable

China is a country that’s popular for offering an infinite amount of exploration possibilities – whether you’re a tranquil temple visiting, metropolitan bustling, or luxury basking type of traveler. However, as one of the biggest countries population-wise and landmass-wise, encountering unexpected challenges while traveling there is almost certain. Here are some of the best China travel tips to enhance your vacation, especially if it’s your first time visiting the country.

Top 5 China Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Easier


As if it’s not huge enough to venture, China is a massive country with various cultures, languages, dialects, and an extensive range of culinary treats. Traveling in big cities may not provide much hassle for you, but when you travel more to the countryside, that’s where the struggles will start arising. Below are some China travel tips to make your trip easier.

Choose the best time to visit


China is the type of land that delivers awesome sights and travel possibilities whether you prefer to visit on warmer or colder days. If you want to embark in China travel in comfortable weather without risking extreme climate, then you may want to consider coming in fall when the temperature is moderate and the weather is typically dry, or in spring when the country is fresh and blooming.

Holiday seasons are also delightful choices because the atmosphere is going to be joyous. However, some places and accommodations might be crowded by locals causing many costs related to traveling to skyrocket. Local festivals, which are the China highlights are typically held during these periods as well.

Decide your traveling transportation


Considering that China is a massive country, it is essential to determine the best mobilization alternative to ensure the best trip possible. Generally, it is not advisable to rent a car during your China travel because the country’s traffic cannot be said to be enjoyable.

One alternative is to get by bus, even though China buses are more or less have the same quality as other places on the earth. A more preferable option is by riding a high-speed train that can bring you to various cities in a faster manner compared to flying.

If your China travel plan includes relatively close destinations to one another, then you can get by easily by using taxis or metros. However, lack of familiarity with local public transportation and language barriers may create even more challenges. You also need to beware of a scam which is common amongst unlicensed taxi drivers.

Plan how to communicate better


The language barrier is one of the primary difficulties regarding China travel. Only a handful percentage of Chinese speak English. Your best bet is to hire a Chinese-speaking translator to ensure smooth communication. Another method is to download a translation app so you can communicate your needs and understand others.

In addition, it is still important to pick up a set of common daily phrases of Chinese. This may seem simple but you’d be surprised by how great it can enhance your traveling experience. Moreover, the locals will automatically love foreigners that can speak their language.

Prepare for cultural clashes


The next one in the tips for traveling China list is to understand the impact of differences between cultures. If you’re from a western country, you have to note that this trip is not going to be similar to visiting North American or European countries. You might be surprised by meeting foreign and new cultures and worlds.

Generally, local resident loves to share and the majority of them are friendly. Do remember that a lot of them may not be used to seeing foreigners, especially ones with Caucasian features. Try not to be taken aback if you’re being stared at or asked with personal inquiries, or asked to take pictures together.

In a lot of parts of China, locals have a way of speaking loudly as if they are continuously shouting, even though this might be not relevant if your China travel trip consists of mostly visiting temples. Remember some basic manners such as not to point or touch to deity status, or taking a photo of monks without asking permission first.

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Immerse in local food


The last but not least one from this list of visiting China tips is to enjoy the food. Chance is, you may find a lot of classics, but the different areas may have slightly distinctive ways to prepare the food. Don’t be hesitant to expand your taste buds by enjoying local delights.

Also, you will find most, if not nearly all restaurant provides chopsticks, so better learn in advance about how to use them. There are plenty of guides on the internet that can show you the dos and don’ts of using chopsticks. As an alternative, consider carrying cutlery on your own.

Arranging trips to China can come with different challenges, and one of them is to make your flight and hotel book efficiently. Instead of struggling with this particular issue of China travel, try to use or Airpaz mobile app that can connect you to the services that will make your trip far simpler and easier to plan.


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