Various Tourist Destinations in Phuket

You have to admit that there are limitless options of places to explore when you go to Thailand. Each area has its own coverage and specialty, and so does Phuket Island. As the biggest island in the country (the area is just the same as Singapore), you can expect a lot of things to explore and certainly places to visit. If you are interested in visiting Phuket  Island, it is located on the west side coast of Thailand. With the effect of the Andaman Sea, the temperature ranges from around 21 to 34 degrees Celsius. It is humid and sunny from November to April, and rainy from May to October. You know what to wear if you are planning to come in those months.

Tourist Destinations in Phuket Island for Everyone

Phuket island is the home to many interesting spots – and also fun activities. You have tons of great options to make because the place is ideal for single travelers as well as families. Whether you are traveling for work or for fun, there is everything for everyone – you can be sure about it!

Similans Island

If you are looking for a place to wind down and relax for a while – away from the noise and crowd of the big city – you have come to the right place. Similans island has a pretty with the pristine blue sea surrounding it. If you take a look around, there isn’t much to see, really, but the main attractions are actually located under the water. Yes, that’s right. If you are into scuba diving or diving, this place should be on your must-visit list. The visibility is superb and the coral reefs are amazing. If you don’t really like diving so much, this is a perfect place for island hoppers. You can take the sailing boat and go exploring other islands.

Reaching the island can be difficult or easy – depending on the seasons. When there are a lot of visitors, you can take the boat from Thap Lamu Pier from the Thai Muang District. The boat trip takes about 3 hours to reach the place, but feel free if you want to engage the locals and hitchhike their boats. If you go from Khao Lak or Phuket, it takes around 45 minutes. Mind you, though, that it can also take 3 hours, depending on the boat being used. You will have to pay for 200 baht for the entry fee.

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Fanta Sea Show

This is the biggest show in Phuket. It is basically like a carnival – you can find almost anything there. Although the main attraction is the theatre, there are a lot of other activities to do. It has a theme park with games, food outlets, and shopping spots. If you like the idea of having a great buffet, it is the right place to go. If you like the theatre, you can take part in the fascinating storylines, combining fantasy and tradition.

Cameras aren’t allowed in the theatre so you may want to consider that before going there. If you want to see the show only, you have to pay 1,800 baht. If you want to enjoy the show and the buffet, 2,200 baht is for adults and 2,000 for kids.

Kata Noi Beach

Looking for another quiet place to relax? Kata Noi is a small beach not far from Kata beach. Despite the small size, the view is just amazing. You can stroll around the beach, simply listen to the sound of the waves, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Swimming is also possible there. However, the best time to visit the place is between the months of November and April. Look for the warning signs because swimming is sometimes not allowed.

Phuket Viewpoints

If you want to see the sunset or the sunrise, there are several viewpoints in Phuket to accommodate your needs. You can go to Promthep Cape, one of the most popular spots. You can see the ocean and the amazing views. Other viewpoints include Three Beaches hilltop. You can enjoy the view while sipping your favorite cocktail. What a treat, right?

Thai Cooking Class

Have you been interested in taking the cooking class, especially for Thai foods? Feel free to find such a thing in Phuket. You can ask around, or even better: ask your hotel’s staff that will point you in the right direction. You will learn about the natural and original ingredients in preparing the foods. Trust me, the skills will be long-lasting and you will appreciate it. There are different packages that can last only in the morning or going through the whole day. And here’s another perk: you will eat whatever you have prepared. Cool, huh?

Old Phuket Town

If you like the concept ‘walking down the memory lane’, then the Old Town would be your best option. If you like the historical constructions with their great mansions and beautiful shop-houses, this area would feast your desire. You can also find various bakeries, cafes, and eateries along the streets – which can be a pleasant way to enjoy the view. Simply use the blue bus (runs locally) or tuk-tuk. You can get off on Thalang Road and walk from there. You can also enjoy Phuket Walking Street or explore the local markets – which aren’t far from the bus station.

Phuket Island Nature Tourists Destinations

Phuket is an island with many preserved areas and regions. There are plenty of them that are still green and well preserved. You can get connected better with nature or engage in some unique activities. This is the kind of exploration that can be done with families and kids – kids definitely love it.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a landscape that will offer you something to remember for as long as you live. You will be taken in an exploration among the giant cliffs inside the kayak. You will have to book a tour there because there is no way that you will go through it by yourself – you will need a guide to help you through it. By day, you can explore the enclosed lagoons, known by the Hongs. The crew will do it in the most professional way and you will have to respect nature. It is likely that you aren’t allowed to smoke, talk loudly, or touch anything. If you want to spend the night, you can choose Hong by Starlight package, where you can go to some lagoons at night. It is super magical!

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

In this place, you won’t be riding the elephants. In fact, you will learn new facts about the gentle giants as well as the proper ethical tourism for elephants. You can touch them and interact with them, but not riding them.

Monkey Hill

If you come to this place, guard your belongings because they may steal your items, although they aren’t known to attack humans. This place is more known as Toh Sae Hill, which is located in Phuket Town hill. You can find the monkeys upward on the hills while there is a shrine on the bottom honoring three holy spirits: Toh Sae Dam, Toh Sae Kaow, and Toh Sae Dang. People like to come here to ask for luck and lottery tickets.

Flying Hanuman

If you like the zip line adventure, you should come to Kathu village located in between Patong and Phuket town. You’ll have a great and memorable day with your friends or loved ones. There are 28 wooden platforms connected by fifteen zip lines and two sky bridges. Each course lasts for about 2 hours, so you will definitely have a satisfying moment there. The cost for the entire 28 platforms is 3,250 baht. If you take only 16 platforms, it would be 2,300 baht. If you take the 28 platforms and also a meal, it would be 3,490 baht.

Religious Destinations

Besides nature, you can also find a thick religious aspect and atmosphere in Phuket. Want to get in touch with your spirituality? Want to learn about the natural aspect of the place? Have it your way!

Wat Chalong

The place has been operating for a century for visitors, which marks its existence in history. Not only you can see a lot of things there, but you can also get in touch with your spirituality. Your exploration starts from Poh Jao Wat with its two elderly men statues. During your exploration, you will reach Grand Pagoda containing small bone splinter of Lord Buddha – or so they say. The pagoda itself has Buddha images and also pictures depicting his life.

Big Buddha of Phuket

This is one popular landmark in Phuket, situated at Nakkerd Hills. With its total height of 45 meters, it would be difficult not to see it from afar. If you get to the top hilly area, you should be able to see an impressive view. You will also enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, which is quite magical considering the crowd.

Jui Tui Shrine

There is a sense of serenity in this area, especially after the shrine has been renovated. You will be able to see three different statues of Chinese gods. It is the God of dancing and performing art, Tean Hu Huan Soy. And then the status of each a chicken and a dog claimed to be God’s favorite pets.  If you follow the line to the end, you will see a firecracker house which is often used by people during the celebration. They will burn the firecrackers and throw them.

Nightlife Entertainment and Destinations

Let’s face it; one of the biggest attractions in Thailand, including in Phuket island is its sparkling and busy nightlife. If you are restless during the night and you want to explore around, there are some promising areas to try.

Simon Cabaret Show

Ladyboys are quite popular in Thailand because they often have their own shows and cabaret performance. One of the most popular ones is the n Cabaret Show which generally lasts an hour. The performance is entertaining and funny, and the theatre is quite comfy. You can have online bookings to make it easier for watching.

Bangla Road

This is a common road during the day, but it is closed for traffic at night. At that time, the street becomes lively and busy with life. You can find street performers and entertainers as well as bars along the road. If you are looking for food, you can find them easily – and the price is pretty low. At least, the foods there won’t hurt your wallet.

Weekend Night Phuket Market

Are you into the t market so much? Then you should come to this place. You can find almost anything there, from clothes and fruits to antique items and even animals. You should also try the local foods – they are all good and tasty and surprisingly inexpensive.

Culinary Explorations in Phuket Island

Your journey to Phuket island won’t complete if you haven’t visited some of the best places in the area. What are they?

Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Looking for a romantic atmosphere with good food – with luxury dine style? Come here and you won’t regret it. This restaurant is located in a property belonging to the royal Thai family, right on the waterfront facing Kata Noi Beach and the Andaman Sea. Naturally, the price is generally higher than other types of culinary experience, but it is worth it.

Raya House

It is a restaurant combining the old atmosphere and modern flair. The house is old but it is well preserved. You can still feel the antique atmosphere in the clean environment – creating somewhat a homey feeling. The place is known for the tasty Kanom Jeen (crab cream curry and rice noodles) and rice with steamed pork. You can also try Tamarind prawns or Pak Liang.

Phuket Island Transportations

Flying to Phuket is easy to do because of Phuket international airport. The airport is connected to Bangkok as well as other places in the world, such as Australia, India, and Germany. Want to have a direct flight to Phuket? You can always manage it.

Phuket is also easy to reach by bus. If you are from Bangkok, go to the Southern Bus Terminal. You will easily find buses to Phuket. Do you want the AC buses or the non-AC ones? They are all available to you.  A trip from Bangkok to Phuket Island lasts for around 13 hours. You can also use the train to reach Phuket although you can’t find the direct one. From Bangkok, you will have to take the one heading to Singapore. Be sure to get off at Phun Phin station. From there, you can use the bus to Phuket Island and it takes 5 hours.

So, there you have it! Phuket offers a variety of tourist destinations to explore. Book your trip now exclusively at Airpaz and indulge in unforgettable experiences in Phuket. Don’t miss the chance to discover the beauty and diverse attractions this tropical paradise has to offer.


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