Various Transportations at Shanghai Airport

Transportation plays a crucial role in an enjoyable trip because it enables you to move around and to explore. The same thing also implements to reaching the airport – wherever there is. Can you imagine coming to an airport without easy access? It would be like travelling to a remote area or the LaLa Land without any convenience. It’s a good thing that Shanghai Airport has pretty good transportation management and different options for travelling. So, what are your choices?

1. The Airport Shuttle

Shanghai Airport - The Airport Shuttle

This is one of the most common and simplest means of transportation that is generally available in all airports. You can find the shuttle bus in both terminals –Terminal 1 and also Terminal 2. The bus is on Gate 8 in Terminal 1 and on Gate 23 and 27 in Terminal 2.

If you want to go to the city centre from the airport (or vice-versa), use the express shuttle bus. There is Express Line from number 1 to 8. All of them can help you reach the city centre although different lines make different stops and routes. The service operates from 6 AM to midnight. The prices for the ticket vary – from 8 CNY to 30 CNY. Before you get onto the bus, make sure to check the routes. If you are clueless, ask the airport staff – they should be able to help.

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2. The Trains

Shanghai Airport - The Trains

There are two different train options: The Transrapid (the Metro) or the Maglev. The latter one is a levitation magnetic train operating in Shanghai. The high-speed levitation magnetic is the first one to operate in the world. The train is connecting the airport with the central Pudong’s closest areas. It is only natural to find out that the route is from the airport to Longuang Road.

Can you connect the Maglev with the Metro? Absolutely! Passengers who want to use the Metro can use line 2, line7, and line 16 to reach the city centre. Basically, you can use these two types of trains to get around from the airport. Just make sure that you know the routes so you won’t get on the wrong train or get lost.

There are different prices for the tickets. For instance, a single Maglev ticket costs around 50 CNY while a roundtrip ticket costs 80 CNY. Check the price and routes before going.

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3. The Bus

Shanghai Airport - The Bus

There are several bus routes that you can use to move around. From the airport, you can go to Hongqiao East Center, Nanhui Bus Station, Shanghai Railway Station, Hangcheng Park, and more. Again, you just need to check the routes to know your way around.

4. Car Rental

Shanghai Airport - Car Rental

Car rental is one of the most convenient ways to move around. It may be one of the most expensive services but it is also the most convenient. It also gives you the easiness to move around and so much freedom. You can find the service at the airport or you can manage the reservation online.

5. The Long Distance Coaches

Shanghai Airport - The Long Distance Coaches

If you still need to continue your journey to faraway places like Yiwu, Suzhou, Zhangjiagang, Hangzhou, Qingtian, or Wuxi, you can use these coaches. The travel may take 2 to 3 hours or 6 to 8 hours, depending on the destination. The cost may start from 70 CNY to around 260 CNY per trip. You should be able to find the timetable on the departure spot.

6. The Taxi

Shanghai Airport - The Taxi

You can reach the city centre in around 40 minutes with the taxi. But keep in mind that they have different rates, depending on the operational hours – between the day (5 AM to 11 PM) and during the night (11 PM to 5 AM).

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There you have it. Make sure that you have planned you’re itinerary and you make the necessary reservations if you are coming to Shanghai. Go to if you want to reserve the flights to Shanghai, such as Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, or China Eastern.


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