Visit Animal Themed Cafes in Malaysia when You Miss Your Best Furry Friend

Eating out has been very popular, especially among those who are living in the city. There are many places available for dining. Let us say restaurants or cafes. This such place offers meals on menu lists that you can order based on your preferences. What about you? Do you also prefer to eat at a restaurant or café sometimes?

Reasons for Dining Out at Animal Themed Cafes in Malaysia

There are many reasons people choose dining out at a cafe, like:

Spontaneous Idea

It can be just a spontaneous idea, for example when they are being mobile and away from home. There is no plan to have dinner from the start. The unpredicted hunger can be the main trigger.

Have a Social Event

A café is also a place where visitors hold a meeting with family and friends. It also works in the business meeting. Is there the better idea to keep socialized than enjoying meals together?

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Unlimited Choices

There are many cafes to find out. It means everyone can find one that provides foods they are craving for.


Have many choices of food without even spending the time to buy the groceries and cook in the kitchen? Going to a café can be very practical and time-saving.

Find New Tastes

Eating out a café is not always about saving the time and searching for convenient. It is a simple culinary vacation where people can try new menus and probably get inspired to cook the same ones at home.

Attractive Decoration

There are many ways how the café owner or operator can do to attract visitors and keep them stay or even come over again. One of the smart ideas that make a café look like having no other is the decoration. A special theme is picked and applied to create the convenient and relaxing atmosphere in the café.

Among those reasons, which one do you have at the most when entering the café doors?

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Pet-Themed Cafes in Malaysia

Conventional cafes and restaurants typically do not allow visitors to bring their pets inside. You may never think to go out for dinner with your cat or dog, do you?

But, today, dining out at a café with human friends is so yesterday. Now, you can enjoy meal time with your furry buddies. If you do not have any, it is possible to enjoy playing time with the resident pets owned by the café itself. Or, you may find one to take home and adopt.

If you are in Malaysia, here are some cool animal cafes you should visit when dining out:


Huskiss Animal Themed Cafes in Malaysia

It is the first all-husky café in Kalang Valley, officially opened in October 2017. In this animal themed cafes in Malaysia, you’ll find Siberian husky puppies that you can play with for one and a half hours with RM20. You may have to wait in line, so be sure to book the timeslots in advance.

Purradise Cat Café

Still, in Kalang Valley, you will also find cafes with cats. Take for example Purradise Cat Café which is where their 21 resident cats named Kittizens living the healthy lifestyle. You need to pay for RM15 to play with them for an hour. You can also buy foods containing natural ingredients for your feline friends at home.

CuBs and CuPs

Want to bring your own pets? They are very welcome at CuBs and CuPs at Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. This café used to have a couple of huskies but they have been taken back home by the café owner due to age and growing sizes.

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In Johor Bahru, you will find DogCity. This animal themed cafes in Malaysia is more than just a café but a heaven for your furry friends. They have complete services including café, pet shop, growing and spa centres, as well as a swimming pool provided to train dogs.

Kopicat Café

Previously known as Coffee Cottage, this animal themed cafes in Malaysia is where you may find your best feline friends. They do not have resident kitties, but rescue the stray ones, working with Paws Animal Welfare Society. If you do not have a cat yet to take care of, you can visit Kopicat to find one to adopt.

Visiting an animal themed cafe in Malaysia can be a special experience, especially when you miss your best furry buddy at home during the vacation. Make sure to prepare some more money so you can play with the cats or dogs. To cut the budget, it is highly recommended to book the ticket flights to Malaysia from Airpaz

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