Visit Boracay Island another Day

Boracay Island is closed for six months. It is one of the hottest news of the past two weeks. All media have reported this quite shocking issue. If it is where you want to go to spend the next holidays, you should re-arrange the plan.

Why is Boracay Island Closed?

The closure of Boracay Island by the Philippines government has created a big chaos in the country’s tourism. There are hundreds thousands of tourists get disappointed. They have set plans to visit the island for various reasons like spending holidays, holding wedding ceremonies and enjoying the honeymoon. The shutdown also affects people who stay there, but the government promise to provide compensation to those affected.

Boracay Island has to be shut down because its famous white sand beaches and crystal blue water look like a cesspool. This unpleasant call is due to environmental pollution. It takes a time to do the serious clean-up. Officially, President Rodrigo Duterte has prompted the closure for six months starting from April 26th.

What Actually Makes People in Love with Boracay Island?

Diniwid Beach 2

Boracay Island is a small tropical land located in the mid-west of the Philippines. It takes one hour by flight from Manila, the country’s capital. If it is new to your ears, then you must wonder why many news portal websites highlight its closure.

People get in love with Boracay Island for many reasons such as:

• White sand beaches
All beach lovers will agree with the beauty of white sanded beaches and Boracay Island has the gorgeous ones especially White Beach, where you can meet other tourists enjoying their times.

White beach 2
white beach

• Fun water activities
Prefer to stay active while visiting the island? There are many companies operating the business to provide a list of great things that visitors can do while visiting Boracay. Pick one to take a day tour, exploring the island on a big boat with others. Then, you can also snorkel to see hidden beauty under the water. If you prefer to stay above the surface, then you can learn how to stand up on a paddle. Wishing to do more? You have another choice like kite surfing, diving, parasailing, her ski and banana boat riding and even joining a short course to learn how to swim like a mermaid.

liburan filipina 2

• Exploring the island, meeting the locals and tasting the delicious foods
If you still have time, you can take a walk on the local streets and meet Filipinos. It is great to talk to them and learn more about the society while enjoying the foods. You can find restaurants from the super luxury to fast food ones, but mostly they will always have seafood as the main dish.

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• Sunset and nightlife
Rest yourself to watch time stepping by when sunset comes at White Beach. Then, get ready for some more fun at local bars and restaurants where everyone can’t resist the party time offer.

Plan Another Day to visit Boracay Island
Boracay Island is closed just for temporary. Everyone hopes that the cleaning will get finished sooner. As many tourists have expected to enjoy the vacation during this warmth season, can you imagine their enthusiast when the closure ends? Visit Airpaz website today to find special deals before everyone starts to book a flight to go to Boracay Island.


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