Plan Your Next Vacation to Visit Koh Samui Island

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Koh Samui island in Thailand charm is very famous among both budget and wealthy travellers. Everyone can enjoy various attractions offered, natural and man-made. Still, white sandy beaches and palm trees are the main reasons people travelling to Samui island. Do you need some to pick the island as your next beach holiday destination?

Koh Samui Island Facts

Koh Samui island location is included in the Chumphon Archipelago, a part of Surat Thani Province. Locals know this best resort island in Thailand as Samui, while the word Koh in the Thai language means island. This geographical location makes Koh Samui island is surrounded by the marine national park and other amazing islands nearby. Before earning the fame among of tourists, Samui island was known as the island of coconuts and monkeys and locals relied on their income from the fishery. But today, you will only find the trees on the hill.


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Things to Do in Samui Island

Koh Samui island has a number of attractions. It means you have a lot of things to do as well to spend the holidays. If you prefer water sports, your choices are including Samui island diving, kite surfing, kiteboarding, sea kayaking and swimming at Namuang waterfalls.

Go to the land and find more interesting things to do. The inland tours can take you to enjoy trekking the forest in Koh Samui island on the elephant back. If it wastes much of your time, off-roading tour will lead you to a mountaintop. When it rains, you are able to take spa treatment offered by spa resorts in Samui island or attend the crocodile show. Do not forget with the nightlife fun as well as some religious itinerary packages.

Best Place to Stay on Koh Samui Island

Figuring out the best is to stay when you are visiting Koh Samui island is very tricky. You can easily find one at every corner of the island. Narrow down the options by considering your budget and traveling style whether you come alone, with couple or family to Samui island. Take for example Chaweng, Lamai, and Maenam.

Best Time to Visit Samui Island

Samui island weather is influenced by its geographical location resulting there distinct seasons, dry, hot and rainy. Mostly, people visit Koh Samui island in Thailand between December and May. If you wish to avoid the crowd, you need to avoid those months. To cost you less in your next vacation time, Airpaz website can provide you with the affordable flight to Samui island.

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