Do not know about Kunming city before and never figure out that you will have an extended layover at the Kunming Changshui International Airport? Though it is out of the plan, you can always find attractions near Kunming Airport to make your time here.

Kunming Airport is known as the gateway to southwest China, located in Yunnan province. It serves Southwest Asia, South Asia, and West Asia, and also connects with Europe, Asia, and Africa. With its 2 runways, the airport is expected to accommodate about 38,000,000 passengers every year. Several essential services are provided, including retails shops, duty-free, flower shop, post office, and banks.

What to do during the layover

Kunming Airport may have things you need for eating, shopping, and sleeping. But you need more ideas to kill boredom during the long layover. What about travel around? Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan, is also called the City of Eternal Spring. Many people treat it as a simple transit hub before the next flight to the flight destination. It has a few attractions near Kunming Airport worth to visit.

Check out your flight schedule and pick the most reachable attractions below:

1. Nature Wonder of Stone Forest

Nature Wonder of Stone Forest

Stone Forest has been stated as a World Natural Heritage Stage. You can find a beautiful formation of limestone which is formed more than a million years ago by erosion. This natural artistic work must be your number one place to visit during the layover. There is a shuttle bus taking passengers from the left side of Exit 3 to go there by 2 hours of the trip.

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2. Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park

Kunming downtown area also hides a gorgeous park name Green Lake Park. Located at the foot of Luofeng Hill, about an hour from the airport, this park can be visited for free. If you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful panorama, taking a stroll around the park will be a very good idea. If you are lucky, you may meet groups of black-headed seagulls. They usually gather around the lake between November to March.

3. Yuantong Temple

Yuantong Temple

About 1 km from Green Lake Park, there is the largest and most active temple on the south side of Yuantong Hill, named Yuantong Temple. Built since over 1,200 years ago, this temple also presents the excellent Buddhism culture through its temple design and beautiful garden.

4. Army Officials School in Yunnan

Army Officials School in Yunnan

Still located close to the Green Lake Park, there is Army Officials School. This yellow building represents the Chinese architecture style which adopts Yunnan’s most distinctive walk-through structure. Looking like a small castle, the school has a spacious corridor.

5. Grand View Tower

Grand View Tower

Another popular tourist attraction is Grand View Tower, sitting on the shore of Dianchi Lake and facing the Western Hill for more than 300 years. At the entrance, you will see an antithetical couplet, known as the longest one in China and was written by a famous scholar from the Qing Dynasty.

6. Tasting Local Foods

rice in the bamboo tube

Kunming has its own unique eating culture. It represents the mixture of Han and Chinese minority cuisines. Take for example Crossing the Bridge Noodles, or Guo Qiao Mi Xian in Chinese. The popular dishes are steam-pot chicken and rice in the bamboo tube.

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7. Shopping

Golden Horse & Jade Chicken Square

Indeed, you can easily find retail and souvenir stores in the airport. But when wandering around the city, you should not miss Golden Horse & Jade Chicken Square. This commercial center is popular among locals and tourists to find handicrafts of various nationalities. Some top choices to pick are Pu’er Tea, Batik and Dai brocade.

See? A long layover is not always bad. Sometimes, it creates a special chance when you can gain an unforgettable experience. Just like when you visit You have a big chance to save more on your budget by purchasing affordable airline tickets.