Visiting the Unique Sibu Island

If you are looking for a great gateway for your family vacation plan in Asia, you can pick Malaysia Sibu island. This destination is kids’ friendly. There is no need to worry when taking the whole family visiting Sibu island. It has even become one of the perfect gateways among them living in Singapore as the alternative of Maldives and Tahitian. So, is not it time to find out more about this island in Malaysia?


Everything you Need to Know Sibu Island

Discover the wonders of Sibu Island, a hidden gem in Southeast Asia. From pristine beaches to vibrant marine life, this tropical paradise offers a range of activities and cultural delights. Here are the list of everything you need to know about Sibu Island.


Sibu island Malaysia is a group of island administratively belonging to Mesersin District, Johor. It has ashy characteristics due to the main construction of pyroclastic rock. Consisting of several islands, including Sibu Besar, Sibu Tengah, Sibu Kukus and Sibu Hukung, this area was first functioned as a marine park in 1993. But today, visitors are much welcome to the island to enjoy many leisure activities.



Sibu island offers many activities to do for every visitor to make have some fun, such as:

Snorkelling and Diving

You can dive with Hi-Tide divers to see the world under the sea water. You will need to rent the equipment for snorkelling or diving, of course. If you are just a beginner, the dive classes are available ranging from Open Water to Dive Master.


Equipment is also provided for rent. To fish with the group, you can book for the sunset fishing trip. It is also possible to arrange a half or full day one.


It is another way to explore the surrounding sea where you can hire a single or double kayak from the nearest resort.

Jungle Trekking

Takes an hour of trekking trip to explore the island from north to south. You will see how locals live in quiet and reserved lifestyles.

To be able to enjoy those outdoor water activities, you must make a visit at the best period when the weather is quite friendly. The most recommended months are March until September.

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You can choose among of some types of resort and homestay both on the east side and west side of the island. Most of them have an inclusive room, board and transport facilities. It will be so much easy as well to find food when you are staying at one of the resorts.

How to Get To Sibu Island

The island’s location can be reached within 3 hours from Singapore. You need to first go to Tanjung Leman. Then, the resort operator will assist you heading to Sibu island Malaysia with their carriers. So make sure you book one in advance. Regarding finding the budget flight to Sibu island, Airpaz website is the place. Do not forget to prepare personal medical needs because there is no clinic or doctor available at Malaysia Sibu island.


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