Want to be a Solo Traveler? Check This Out!

You want to travel, there is a cheap flight on Airpaz, the time is perfect, but no one is available to travel with you ? No worries. Book your ticket and become a solo traveler. Here are 10 tips for traveling solo.

Want to be a Solo Traveler ? Check This Out !

1. Checking out the safety of your destination

As a solo traveler, you need to be wise. Since no one will back you up. You need to understand the condition of your destination. Does the country issue a travel warning to that place? Are there any news regarding that place?

2. Making a roadmap, plan the transportation and always stick to the schedule

As you are making a road map, you need to think about the transportation. What are you going to ride to a certain location? Bus, train, or taxi, Do check the business hours and schedule.

3. Estimating your transportation cost

You need to estimate the cost of transportation. Buses, taxis and trains each has different costs. Buses and trains offers fixed and often cheap price but you need to know which are bus stop and train station to get off. While taxi gives you flexibility, it comes with a  higher price. If you are traveling by taxi, please ask the driver for the estimated cost.

4. Don’t ignore your Solo Traveler’s instinct

When you don’t feel right about doing certain things or going somewhere, just follow what your gut says. Often, the instinct might be right.

5. Staying in open and public place at night

You may want to have a dinner but the sun sets already. While walking, it is better if you stay in open and public place, Or if you don’t want to go out, you can always call the receptionist for a room service.

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6. Learning the local language and its custom

It is always good to learn the local language and its custom. It can increase the trust between you and the local.

7. Wearing appropriate clothing

As much as possible, don’t wear anything flashy. Don’t wear excessive jewelries or you might attract unwanted attention.

8. Consider sleeping in hostels

If you want to save up money and still get the best out of your solo trip, try sleeping in hostels. Since you’re traveling alone, you’re not going to need much space. Might as well try a little adventure ! Spend your night in a backpacker hostel instead of a conventional hotel. Backpackers are usually friendly, and they will definitely welcome solo travelers like you.

9. Guard yourself

Yes, you may meet some new friends and have some fun with them. But stay observant to your surroundings, keep a good watch on your new friends and don’t leave your precious pssessions behind.

10. Keeping your precious possessions in safety box

If you bring lots of cash or bought expensive items, you can keep them in the safety box. Hotels usually provide this.

So, Are you ready to travel solo? Enjoy your Trip.

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