Welcoming the Jewel Changi Airport on April 17

What comes on your mind when hearing the name of Changi Airport? Are you amazed by the sophisticated architecture of this international airport in Singapore? Stay alert with the upcoming surprise going to be released at Changi Airport. What is it?

It is Jewel Changi Airport, the most awaited multi-dimensional tourist spot with the mixed use of shopping and dining options, a hotel, indoor garden, playground, and facilities to support the airport operations. Scheduled to open on April 17 officially by Chaign Airport Group, this attraction complex features a distinctive dome-shaped façade with glass and steel as its dominant materials. It takes about s$1.7 billion to complete the project of the 10-story complex designed by Safdie Architects, led by Moshe Safdie, RSP Architects Planners and Engineers, and Benoy.

Key of Attractions

Jewel Changi is where nature meets retail with some wonderful attractions you should not miss. they are including:

1. Shiseido Forest Valley

Jewel Changi Airport - Shiseido Forest Valley

If you miss the smell of spring, it is time to step into Shiseido Forest Valley. It is a lush green sanctuary where spring stays forever.

2. Rain Vortex

Jewel Changi Airport - Rain Vortex

Rain Vortex is a magical indoor waterfall standing at 40 meters in height. The flowing water will show a mesmerizing view by the day. It looks more mystical splendour at night as projecting a light-and-sound show. You can enjoy this beautiful view and experience a wonderful relaxing time at any of the provided vantage points.

3. Canopy Park

Jewel Changi Airport - Canopy Park

Canopy Park is the playground for everyone. it hosts two gardens, Topiary Walk where topiaries made with the shape of animals are placed at every corner, and Petal Garden where you will see the displays of the seasonal flower. Special to feed the hungry tummies, there is Event Plaza, available to accommodate about 1,000 people when enjoying food and beverage at the provided outlets.

4. Sky-Nets

Jewel Changi Airport - Sky-Nets

Though children may love to travel, they can also easily get bored. Fortunately, there is Sky Nets hosting kids’ play facilities, especially Bouncing Net and Walking Net at Sky Nets. But do not worry. Adults can also challenge themselves with the thrilling bouncing or walking on the net.

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5. Canopy Mazes

Jewel Changi Airport - Canopy Mazes

Designed by Adrian Fisher, the founder and chairman of Adrian Fisher Design, Canopy Mazes is one of his over created 600 mazes in the world. At Jewel complex, you will find two mazes, i.e. Hedge maze and Mirror Maze. The Hedge Maze stand at 1,8 meter of height, will become the largest one in Singapore. It is a quite tricky maze because some gates can be pushed and possibly creating the different path of the maze. Your trip will end when you can reach the elevated watchtower where you can get the birds’ eye view of the whole maze. the Mirror Maze, on the other hand, offers the different sensation of walking the paths under the branching plants.

6. Discovery Slides

Jewel Changi Airport - Discovery Slides

It is another playground with more fun as an artistic masterpiece and a viewing deck. This structure lets you get the view of Forest Valley and Rain Vortex at 3m or 7m of height. There are also four integrated slides designed by Carve in the Netherlands and built by Playpoint in Singapore, i.e. two tube slides and two sliding surfaces.

7. Canopy Bridge

Jewel Changi Airport - Canopy Bridge

Canopy Bridge makes you feel like walking through the air. You can get the view of Rain Vortex from a different point of view of simply experiencing the thrilling yet impressing walk on its glass panel flooring in the centre section right above level 1 of the jewel.

8. Foggy Bowls

Jewel Changi Airport - Foggy Bowls

Have you ever dreamed about how it looks like to play among the clouds? It is time to make that your dream come true. Take your kids with and enjoy the fun slipping in among the puff of cloud or hide away in gentle bowls of mist.

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Do not be the last to know and experience the fun of discovering the Jewel Changi. Book the tickets to Singapore now at Airpaz to witness the official opening on April 17.


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