What Can You Do at Kyoto Tower?

Kyoto Tower has become an iconic landmark of the city. The building is 131 meters in height and it is the tallest construction in Kyoto. The structure has been around for at least 3 decades, with the construction process completed in 1964. The city was formerly known for the ancient shrines and temples. But with the tower, it has transformed into somewhat a modern spot for tourists.

About the Tower

Kyoto Tower - About the Tower

Just like other towers, Tokyo Tower has its own viewing deck that enables people to see the city’s view below. The viewing deck alone is 100 meters from the ground. Visitors can enjoy 360 degrees view without hassle or difficulty. You can definitely see the overall sight of Kyoto. There are telescopes that are available for free. On clear days, you can even see Osaka. The tower itself is constructed on the upper area of a building (a commercial one) that has a hotel, a public bath, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

What to Do

Kyoto Tower - What to Do

The building has some restaurants – one of which is the Tower Terrace. It serves a lot of tasty meals with fresh veggies and special seasonal ingredients. If you want to try Japanese meals, go to Fushimi. If you want to try Chinese foods, go to Toh-En. There are also other options so you don’t need to worry about being hungry.

Yuu public bathhouse is open from 7 AM to 10 PM. If you stay at the hotel, you can get a discount on this bathhouse. If you use this service, you can enjoy free hairdryers, cosmetics, rinse, shampoo, and soap. Forget to bring the towel? No need to worry. They rent it for 100 yen each.

There is also Kuu Sky Lounge Bar located at the tower’s base. Constructed mostly on glass panels, this bar and cafe can offer a relaxing atmosphere and also marvellous view of Kyoto, especially at night. It opens from 3 PM to 11 PM on weekdays, and it opens from 12 AM on holidays and weekends.

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Operational Hours and Admission

Kyoto Tower - Operational Hours and Admission

Tokyo Tower is always open so there is no closing day. The operational hours last from 9 AM to 9 PM with the last admission taking place at 8.40 PM. For the admission ticket, adults should pay 770 yen per person while students have different price tags. High school students are charged 620 yen while junior high and elementary students are charged 520 yen. Infants under 6 years are charged 150 yen.

If you are traveling with a group, consisting of at least 10 people, you will be charged with ‘group fee’. Adults are 600 yen, senior high school students are 450 yen, and junior high school and elementary students are charged 350 yen. Some people say that reserving online can give you the advantage of getting a lower charge.

Getting to the Tower

Kyoto Tower - Getting to the Tower

Kyoto Tower should be easy to spot as it is located next to Kyoto Station. If you are traveling from other cities, you can use the Shinkansen. From Tokyo, it takes 140 minutes. From Nagoya, it takes 35 minutes. From Osaka, it takes only 15 minutes. Once you arrive at Kyoto Karasuma Station, choose the Central Gate and you will find the tower in front of you. Cross the street, pass the bus terminal, and you should find the entrance.

There is also an underground passage connecting Kyoto Station to the tower. You can use this way if you want to enter the building. Keep in mind, though, that the passage is always closed between 10 PM and 9 AM.

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