What Can You Do in Chiaksan National Park Korea?

How would you like the idea of going out to the wild and spending your days camping in the lush mountainous area surrounded by a natural view? If you are going to Korea and you want to spend your days marvelling at the beauty of nature and enjoying the fresh air, then you should head to Chiaksan National Park. It is unique in its own way and you will definitely enjoy your time staying away from the crowds for a while.

The Special Location

Chiaksan National Park - The Special Location

Chiaksan National Park isn’t the only park you can find in Korea. In fact, it is the 16th park that was opened to the public in December 1984. It isn’t the biggest park either, but still, it covers 181.6 kilometres of area. As a national park, you can definitely find tall hills there, such as Maehwasan (in the north) and Namdaebong (in the south). Those hills have steep valleys offering beautiful and natural scenic views.

The park is also home to 821 species of plants. You should be able to find Japanese or Mongolian oaks easily there. The park is also home to 2,364 species of animals – 34 of them are endangered. Copper winged bat and flying squirrel are some of the endangered species protected there.

Activities to Do

Chiaksan National Park - Activities to Do

There are tons of things that you can do there. If you want to hike or trek, this would be an ideal place to do so. If you want to go there during weekends and spend the days out of the hustle and bustle of the city, the park is definitely an ideal choice. You can camp there. They have the camping ground as well as hiking trails to help visitors enjoy their exploration. Taking pictures is also doable and possible. This is the park that has all kinds of colours – and they are different depending on the seasons. In springs, for instance, it is time for azaleas to bloom. In autumn, all of the leaves will turn red, yellow, and brown, creating a beautiful autumn palette. If you have seen autumn vibes with their rich beautiful colours on postcards, well…it’s time for you to see one with your own eyes.

Not to mention that this park isn’t too far away from Wonju City, which means that you can have easy access to reach it. Feel free if you just want to spend a day there without camping. You can go to the temples and waterfalls. Going up the hills through the provided trek is the popular option for adventurous visitors. Mind you, though, you’d better fit to avoid exhaustion.

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How Much Is It?

Chiaksan National Park - How Much Is It

If you want to get into the park, you will have to pay around 2,500 won for an individual adult. If you are travelling in a group, it would be 2,300 won. Youths are charged 800 won, but if they are in a group, they are charged 700 won. Kids will be charged 500 won. If they are travelling in groups, it would be 400 won.

If you want to camp, the camping site has different prices, depending on the seasons.

  1. If it is low or offseason, adults are 1,600 won, youths are 1,200 won, and kids are 800 won
  2. If it is peak season, adults are 2,000 won, youths are 1,500 won, and kids are 1,000 won. Peak season usually takes place from April to May, from July to August, and from October to November.

The Access

As it was mentioned before, it is pretty easy to reach the park because of the easy access. You can use the railroads to get to the park. You can also use Yeongdong Expressway and Jungang Expressway to reach the spot.

If you are planning to visit Korea and Chiaksan National Park while going there, plan early. Don’t forget to reserve your flights with Airpaz so you won’t have to deal with a costly rate.


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