What Do I Do If I Lost My Passport While Traveling?

It must be so stressful if you have to say, “I lost my passport while traveling!”. However, you can easily handle this problem if you have the digital picture or photocopy of your passport. The copy will become the proof of your citizenship.

What Should I Do If I Lost My Passport While Traveling?

What Should i Do If I Lost My Passport While Traveling?

Losing your passport while traveling is something that should be avoided, but it can happen. So don’t panic and always stay calm. Some tips below may be helpful when you lose your passport when you are abroad.

Contact or Go to the Embassy of Your Country

Find the embassy to report the stolen or lost passport, specifically to the consular section. If you don’t know the phone number, email, or the address of the office, simply visit the website to find the information completely.

Tell the officer about the reason for the lost passport and let him know where you will leave the country. It will determine whether you will get the emergency passport in limited validity or full validity.

File a Police Report if the Passport’s Stolen

Filing a police report actually is not too important, but it will help the confirmation. It will not make faster the new passport processing. However, you can skip the police report filing if the schedule for you traveling back to your country will be shortly had.

Take a New Photo for the Passport

In order to get the replacement passport faster, you have to prepare all needed things before going to the consulate or embassy. It is including the passport photo preparation.

Fill Out the New Passport Application and Bring the Lost or Stolen Passport Statement

Besides preparing the passport photo, you also should fill out the new passport application before you go to the embassy or consulate or you also can fill it out in the embassy office. Don’t forget to bring the lost or stolen statement that invalidated the old passport and prevented it used by anyone else.

Get into the Consulate or Embassy Office to Find a New Passport

Make sure you have prepared the documents below before going to the embassy.

• New passport photo
• Identifications such as driving license
• Airplane or train ticket or another travel itinerary
• Citizenship proof such as the missing passport or birth certificate copy.
• New passport application form
• Lost or stolen passport statement.

Prepare the Fee

The replacement passport making will ask you to pay some fee, normally about $140, except you have been a serious crime or disaster victim. The embassy will give the opportunity to name someone to pay the fee if it is not affordable for you.

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