What Facilities To Enjoy At Phuket Airport?

Phuket International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Thailand – which is normal considering how popular Phuket is as a tourist destination. Some say that Phuket Airport is the second busiest airport after Suvarnabhumi, while others say that Phuket Airport is the third busiest airports after Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang. Whichever it is, you get the idea – this airport is super busy and packed. Got it.

And just like the other international airports, you expect it to have nice and useful facilities to help you with your travelling convenience. Well, there are some features that are pretty complete and thorough while the others aren’t really so promising or nice.


Phuket Airport - Transportation

When it comes to transportation, this airport has a pretty impressive and complete array of a fleet. You can find the cheapest one to the most expensive one – with its own comfort level and convenience. Limo taxis and meter taxi are the costly ones while the bus or shared minivans are pretty inexpensive. It depends on your preference and your carry, really. If you are carrying a lot of luggage and kids, naturally, taxis are the most convenient option although you will have to spend extra.

Communication and Internet

Phuket Airport - Communication and Internet

The airport provides free WiFi access that can be available for 2 hours. Yes, unfortunately, there is a time restriction of using the free internet service. Some people claim that the connection can be difficult and frustrating. For them, it is easier to use their own mobile phone connection. Public phones are also available in each terminal. If you need to use the post office, there is one on the second floor of the departure hall.

Foods and Shopping

Phuket Airport - Foods and Shopping

Each terminal has its shopping areas as well as food sections. You can find some local foods as well as international ones. Finding local food stalls is also easy because they are practically available on every floor. In the event that you want to buy souvenirs or others, duty-free shops are available so accessing them should be effortless. If you have to wait for your flight (or you are probably in between flights), you can always explore around the airport and see what you like! No need to worry about getting hungry.

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Other Facilities

Phuket Airport - Other Facilities

ATMs are also available, along with money changers. A lot of tourists claim that the money changer service is pretty nice with affordable and good rates. In the event that you need banking services, there are also some public banks there. Prayer rooms are available for those who need it on the third floor.

In case you don’t really want to move around with your luggage, there is a luggage storage area in the international terminal. It is not far from the police counter. You can leave it thereby paying 100 baht per luggage per day. For some people, it offers another level of convenience. The airport also has good facilities for the disabled. They have a special parking lot for them, along with special toilets, phones, and also the elevator. The parking lot is also available, ready to accommodate 400 vehicles.

Final Words

Different people have different opinions about the facilities in Phuket Airport. Some say that the facilities are quite nice and decent while the others are saying so-so. Some even suggest going out of the airport and visiting the nearest tourist destinations. Nevertheless, it is up to you to decide whether to use the facilities or not.

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If you want to come to Phuket for your next vacation, be sure to plan ahead and prepare everything. Phuket Airport also serves good but inexpensive flights like Air Asia. If you want to book them at Airpaz, you can do it now.


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