What to Do at Shanghai International Airport while Waiting

Whether you have a layover or you simply wait for your next flight, there are some things that you can do while waiting at Shanghai International Airport. Don’t be surprised with delays – we all have experienced the same thing. You are in an international airport – they have at least some facilities that will help with the passing time, right?

The Terminals

Shanghai International Airport - The Terminals

Both Terminal 1 and 2 have some facilities that can help you pass the time. Whether you want to grab a bite or take a short nap, both terminals have it. Keep in mind that Terminal 2 is newer so it is bigger. A lot of passengers claim that Terminal 2 offers more facilities (and most of them are completely new) when compared to Terminal 1. It doesn’t mean that the facilities are better at Terminal 2 than Terminal 1. It’s just that they are more complete and newer.

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Watch the Time

Shanghai International Airport - Watch the Time

If you have less than 4 hours to wait, it is better to stick around at the airport. Although transportation is good if you decide to stray away and visit the closest city, the customs check can be crazy. It can take forever and you may miss your flights. Just be smart with the time management – you don’t want your (supposed to be an ideal) trip to turn disastrous.

A Short Nap

Shanghai International Airport - A Short Nap

You can decide whether you want to go out of the airport and find a place to sleep or you can do it inside the building. There are some hotels that are pretty close, so you can manage your time. But if you are travelling on a budget and you don’t mind with the not-so-comfortable condition of the surroundings, feel free to spend some time in the airport. After all, they are quite used to overnight travellers.

You can find benches in the Pre-Security area – the same thing that you can find inside the Security zone. But make sure that you are prepared. The area can be very chilly, so make sure that you bring your warmer clothes. Got yourself a travelling pillow? That’s even better! It would be even great if you have earplugs or headphones to fend off the noise. As long as you are prepared (headphones, warm clothes, extra scarf or blanket, a head cover or a hoodie, etc), you can enjoy your sleep uninterrupted. Just make sure that you are prepared with the security and safety of your bags.

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Lounge Options

Shanghai International Airport - Lounge Options

If you want to enjoy some exclusive service and you don’t feel like sleeping, why not going to the lounge and hanging out there? Some lounges offer their service to passengers – you only need to buy the pass. You can enjoy the drinks and foods, magazines, newspapers, and WiFi. The atmosphere is definitely quieter and more comfortable –perfect if you have to catch on some of your work. Some lounges even have their own shower facilities. If you want to experience it, make sure to find out which one and how much it is going to cost you.

Fight off the Hunger

shanghai international airport-fight off the hunger

What if you are thirsty? What if your stomach is grumbling and demanding some refill? No need to worry – the airport is packed with food stalls and restaurants. You can find such things as Hope Kaweh, Ajisen Ramen, Chez Choux, and Chatime. There are also other options, such as Western restaurants and other cafes. Want to have an eye-opener beverage? They have Starbucks. Want to enjoy a burger? They also have Burger Kings. Both of them are open 24/7 so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just really check the price and don’t order anything if you don’t know the exact price.

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