What to Do in Don Mueang Airport Without Being Bored

You are probably on a transit at Don Mueang Airport, and unfortunately, your next flight is still several hours away. It is possible that passengers arrive early or their flights are delayed, forcing them to spend some time at the airport. Some people may be thinking about going outside the airport and explore the area around – you know, with shopping or going on a culinary exploration. But then again, not everyone is comfortable with the option of going out so they prefer staying in. So, what can you do while staying at the airport? Discover what to do in Don Mueang Airport!

What to Do While Waiting in an Airport

1. Sleeping and Napping

Being one of the international airports in Bangkok has made this place quite crowded, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t catch your missing sleep. Terminal 2 has this spacious floor space and also comfy seats. If you prefer the darker area, go to the observation deck (it is located above the departure area).

If you have your sleeping bag and you can manage your baggage neatly, the floor can be quite comfy. Be mindful, though, that the area can be cold and also noisy. But if you can make yourself warm and you are okay with the noise, no one will bother you. Most travellers claim that they can rest quite peacefully and they feel safe there.

If you are willing to spend extra, you can get the access to the airport hostel. You will find sleeping boxes with a price. Naturally, this is more comfortable but costlier too. There is also the deluxe hotel that can be accessed by the walkway – this service is costlier than the airport hostel.

2. Connecting to the Internet

Some people may choose to stay awake, playing games on their mobile phones or continue working on their devices (tablets or laptops). You can get free WiFi access in the airport, but the service is only limited to 2 hours of service. However, if you are disconnected, you can get another free service if you fill in different details during the registration.

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3. Managing Your Finance

Need to access the ATM? No need to worry because you can find the ATMs quite easily. Go to Terminal 1 on the south and north side or the third floor. In Terminal 2, you can go to the third floor on the northern side. If you need to get the banking services, there are Bangkok Bank and Krungthai Bank on the first floor, right outside Terminal 1. Or if you want to exchange your money, go to Terminal 1 where there are tons of kiosks for the service. The kiosks are also available at Terminal 3.

What to Do in Don Mueang Airport shopping at airport

4. Other Entertainments

If you are travelling with kids, they can easily get bored. It’s a good thing that there are some play areas for them. You can find one on the third floor of domestic departure, third floor of international departure, and also the airside. If you want to spend the money on shopping, go to the International Departure on the third floor. Some of the shops may even be open for 24 hours.

If you are hungry, there are plenty of food stalls around the airport. Some of them are even open 24 hours, especially in the arrival terminal first floor or domestic departure third floor. You can also find some minimarkets there.

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Feeling tired and need a massage? Go to the landside, third floor in the departure where you can relax on the massage chair. If you want to enjoy improved spa service or hair salon perks, you can go to landside, fourth floor. Or if you want to take a quick shower, you can get one at Miracle Lounge at Terminal 2. If you are willing to spend 300 baths for the Sleep Box hotel, you can also enjoy the shower.

Just because you are travelling, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Of course, it is crucial to always pick the reliable service. Don’t you love it when you can get a quality service without having to spend a fortune? That’s why you should consult Airpaz with their professional service. Check their credibility and interesting offers – you won’t regret it.


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