What to Do when Bored: 7 Activities You Can Choose

Do you have to stay at home for too long? Got piles of works undone? These could bring you to a deep trench of boredom, especially if you do nothing to counter it. So, what to do when bored? The answer can be individual (as each person is special and so is the preference), but we have some recommendations for you here.

Things to Do When You are Extremely Bored

what to do when bored - things to do
There are several ways to get rid of boredom

It can be burdensome to get bored every day due to your intense workload. Boredom meaning you need to do something. Here are several things you can do.

Get active

Get Active
Overcoming boredom starts with small things like cleaning the house

While getting your body out of that couch can cost you—well, a lot, it’d be better to do that anyway. Besides to shoo away that lingering boredom, getting active will help you to attain that body goal. Nothing will change if you do nothing, right?

Getting active doesn’t require you to lift that 100 kg dumbbell or pedal your static cycle for hours. Simply start by cleaning declutters of your house. Be it sweeping, mopping, or even window cleaning—these activities will get you active and give you a bonus: spotless house!

Try for something new

Try something new
trying new things is very useful for overcoming boredom

This next list of what to do when bored is pretty cliché: do something new. That’s the golden truth despite that being something unworthy to try. You may feel so if you are not open to something new.

That said, open your mind and find something new you can learn or do. For example, you can start learning how to make macaroons, or maybe purchasing a Korean language book for foreign learners.

The point is, find out something you have never done before. Make sure it is worth to learn. That’s exactly what to do when you’re bored.

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Read a books

read book 1
Reading books can overcome boredom

Books may never be on your top list of what to do when bored. Well, when bored, you should consider to ‘cuddling’ with words.

You should not read hefty books for your first time, though. Consider taking a light travel magazine, fiction, or maybe something as enjoyable as reading a cookbook. Thinking of reading about Egypt’s old scripts? Well, it’s your choice!

Sing a song

Sing a song
Singing can reduce boredom and make you more enthusiastic

Singing would never be a conquerable thing when you need to deal with stress and boredom. Therefore, it is included into this ‘what to do when bored’ list.

You can start by browsing the playlist of your favorite songs. Headset on, volume up! Rap songs or ballad ones, your preference is what matters most. Even if you consider yourself tone-deaf, don’t worry, we’ll not judge you.

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Watching movies

watching movie 1
Watching movies can make you feel better when you’re board

If you feel kind of suffocated by piling works that show no end, probably it’s time to unwind a bit. You should have sought things to do when you feel bored.

Movies are a great accompaniment if you don’t have any idea what to do when you’re bored. These days, people are so attached to Netflix and other services alike. According to Insider Intelligence data, in 2020, 6.9% of the worldwide population has subscribed to Netflix and this number never gets lower ever since. Even in 2024, it is estimated that the percentage will surge up to 1.5%.

With easy access to services like Netflix, you won’t have time to get bored. So, why don’t you spare time watching the series you crave to watch?

Map-tracking for ‘static traveler’

Map Tracking
Map-tracking is useful to find the places that are foreign to you

These days, online maps are very sophisticated. Not only you can see roads in places alien to you, you can also explore what’s inside a restaurant, a hotel, and even in a tourism objects without being physically there. Well, that can be a perfect, cheap, time-killing activity.

All you need is your gadget and internet. Hopping from Tokyo to Buenos Aires no more takes a day of flight!

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Traveling abroad

Travelling Abroad
Traveling is the best step to let go of things that make you bored

We believe easy traveling should be the right for everyone. That means this can also be your choice in what to do when bored.

Traveling does not always mean total fun with gleaming lux. While it can be extremely comfortable with A-class plane seat, 5-star hotel room, and fine-dining restaurants where you can get to see a sommelier picks the wine for you, there is always the alternative.

You know ‘backpacking’, a term in which a traveler takes everything that checks with the low budget.

Traveling with a low budget will challenge you to get the same fun with little resources. That said, you should be able to get the fun while strolling on the street, taking public transports, and asking for directions to locals.

And budget traveling won’t be perfect if you pick an expensive plane ticket merchant. This is because your airfare can take up to 30% of your total travel expenses. That would be no good if you spend a lot on this aspect only, right?

That’s why Airpaz.com was founded, you can also book tickets on the Airpaz app to give you the best deals when it comes to cheap flights. With our hassle-free plane ticket and hotel reservation page, you’ll be able to find the most updated deals at cheaper prices. So, you can fly and stay at your preferred hotel. No more wondering what to do when bored again!


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