Things To Do When Natural Disaster Happens While You Traveling

The natural disaster is something that can happen anytime and anywhere, including when you are traveling to one of the world’s most favorite destinations. Like the natural disasters happened recently such as Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Mexico earthquake, Bali volcano eruption, etc. Many experts advise preparing the trip ahead perfectly, including how to keep safe from natural disasters.


Research the next traveling destination is important before you go. Including about the common natural disasters in the area. Find much information about the destination’s weather, news information, and warnings on the internet. The travel alerts and warnings are also provided on the government’s websites.


One of the most important preparations to do is writing the important contact numbers and the addresses on a piece of paper and then keeps it in your pocket. The important contacts are including the phone numbers of family, friends, travel insurer, embassy and travel agent. If you bring the important contacts everywhere, then you can call consulate or embassy in the emergency. So they can assist with foods, shelter and flight home.

Register Your Trip

In the United States, the citizens can register their trip for free to the embassy program called Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. It allows the travelers getting safety information and the destination conditions, as well as contacts the embassy in the emergency. You can register yourself before traveling if your country has the similar program.

Make a Schedule

Make a traveling schedule before you go and give the copy to family and friends. It will be helpful when your family and friends can know your place in times of emergency.

Travel Insurance

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All traveling experts highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to make sure everything will be all right during the trip. It will be useful in unpredictable situations. Find to know the coverage limits and extents, whether the travel insurance can cover medical assistance in emergency times, trip interruptions and cancelations. Find the coverage plan in details, including the overseas coverage, medical evacuations, etc.

Listen to the Local Authorities

You also must listen and pay attention to the local authorities during traveling, especially the safety and condition information updates and also their advice. The alerts and messages are accessible through the internet and other mass media.

The traveling experts also recommend leaving the traveling destination soon when a natural disaster happens. It will save you from the next dangers and can help the victims soon. A good planning in advance will be effective to prevent the worst scenario for the natural disaster during the trip. Don’t worry about flight fares because you can get the best deals only at Airpaz. Happy traveling.

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