What to Expect from Haneda Airport Facilities

If you are looking for the closest airport to Tokyo, Haneda International Airport is the answer. Well, it is even located within the capital of Japan itself, while Narita International Airport can be found in Chiba prefecture. That makes the access quite easy, especially with the availability of some transportation choices including bus, train, taxi and car for rent.

Are you going to directly head to Tokyo after arriving at Haneda Airport? If it is late at night, you may think otherwise. It seems better to stay a little while at the airport. Moreover, Haneda Airport terminals open 24 hours a day and even get a nickname “Big Bird” from locals. You can find many facilities especially ones to fill your empty stomach after the long trip on air. Just visit the closest restaurant or café. Or, if you want some sightseeing experience inside the airport, you can visit an art museum for free. There are also many shops where you can buy some merchandise before continuing your trip.

The availability of many facilities means that it requires a large space to make you easily get lost if you are not careful. The best way to avoid this unnecessary headache is taking advantage of the airport map. It will help you find the right directions to every corner of the airport.

Haneda Airport has three terminals with various facilities provided for passengers. They are including:

1. Shopping area

Haneda airport facility - Shopping area

You will be able to find the shopping area at terminal 1 and 3. Buying some stuff here is a great idea when you do not have enough time to wander around the local stores in the city. Find duty free shops at terminal 3, while terminal 2 has a six-floor shopping market to visit.

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2. Eating places

Haneda airport facility - Eating places

There is no need to hold your back to have something to eat when you are very hungry. Or you should spare a little time tasting the local Japanese foods. Go to terminal 2 where restaurants are within the 6-floor shopping market. It even has a rooftop eating space. Alternatively, you can head to terminal 1.

3. Hotels

Haneda airport facility - Hotels

There is no need to leave the airport when you want to stay in a hotel. Haneda Airport has Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyo at terminal 2. There are 387 beds available to book and leave your luggage when having to take care of some business in the city without hassle.

4. Information desks

Haneda airport facility - Information desks

No one wants to get lost in such a large building. That is why you must know where the closest information desk is. Fortunately, each terminal has it and provides the general information access as well as travel insurance, bus tickets and hotel reservations.

5. Financial facilities

Haneda airport facility - Financial facilities

ATM facilities are available within the terminals. It is important to top up your wallets because some stores just accept cash.

6. Additional facilities

Haneda airport facility - Additional facilities
  • Parking tickets for one day are available for short term parking.
  • Look for or pick the misplaced items at a lost and found office.
  • Car rental services to let you drive on your own to the city.
  • Use public telephones to save your cellular balance.
  • VIP terminal is provided only for foreign heads of state and the Japanese head of state. Their private aircraft can also have special spots to park.
  • Public transportation modes available are trains, buses and taxies that you can choose based on your budget and needs.

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