Starbucks doesn’t only make themselves one of the strongest coffee brands in the world, but they also make sure that they don’t leave the artistic part out. Their innovation isn’t only shown in their drinks and coffee variants, but also through the designs of their outlets around the world. It shouldn’t be surprising to find some of the most unique themed Starbucks buildings all over the world. These outlets also serve as visitors’ magnet because of their unique interior – making them Instagramable worthy. 


Amsterdam Bank Starbucks in The Netherlands

The site used for the Starbucks store was formerly used as a bank – maintaining the vault’s original concept. With the exposed concrete walls and the marble floors (from the 1920s), Starbucks has a nice blend of a modern and old classic feel. The store also uses re-purposed Dutch oak and aged white and blue Delftware tiles – creating somewhat a homey and traditional appeal with a tad of modernity. 


The most unique part of the store is the undulating ceiling relief forming the iconic mermaid’s face from 1,876 hand-cut and stained woodblocks. Seriously, this place is worth visiting for your Instagram collections. 


Sign Language Starbucks Washington D.C. in the USA

As a part of their green campaign, this store is built by recycling the shipping containers – and then stacking them up. As a result, the walk-up and drive-thru store is a sight for sore eyes with a unique sense of its own. The containers are the ones used to transport the Starbucks coffee from all over the world. It has become the first Starbucks store with LEED-certified quality. 


Fukuoka in Japan

Located in Dazaifu, the Starbucks store has a minimalist look decorated with approximately 2,000 wooden sticks that are woven along the main structure’s walls. It looks like wooden crawlers stretching outwards the entrance. Unique, one-of-a-kind, and artistic. The look somewhat looks harmonious with Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine’s path which is one of the major Shinto shrines in Japan. The store looks modern and yet there is a Zen atmosphere about it. 

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California in the USA

The Starbucks is located in the mid-mountain area of Squaw Valley Ski resort – right 8,200 feet above the sea level. If you think it is impossible to have a Starbucks right in the middle of snowy setting, well….this store is about to prove that you are wrong. 


It is also unique because it allows snowboarders and skiers to have their cup of Joe without having to take off their skiing gear. Skiers are welcomed to come and warm up a bit with something warm to refuel. Such an interesting thing to experience, huh?


Geneva in Switzerland

Have you ever seen Starbucks coaches a.k?a Starbucks on the train? If not, then you should go to Geneva. SBB or Switzerland’s Rail Service has turned two of its restaurant coaches to a Starbucks (cafe) on wheels. It operates at Geneva and St. Gallen line. If you want to enjoy the table-service cafe, go upstairs. The lower deck is designed especially for the takeaway.


Bali in Indonesia

Starbucks is usually identical with modern vibes and ambience, but not with this store in Ubud Village in Bali. They have turned the unused temple as their storehouse – complete with the village surroundings and environment. The vibe here is more relaxing. You can enjoy the view of the unique water palace (lotus) pond as well as watching the Balinese dances performing on the stage. 


Traaditional Fuzhou Starbucks in China

The city wants to maintain its rich cultural heritage by blending it with the modern element, represented by Starbucks. They want to retain the classic Chinese image with a little addition of the modernity. That’s why the Starbucks store is inspired by UNESCO World Heritage Site of Master of the Nets Garden located in Suzhou. Expect to find localized products – with pricier tag.


Those are only some of the most unique Starbucks buildings in the world. Can you find others? Or have you ever been to one of them?