Wudalianchi National Forest Park and Geological Exploration

If you are into nature and geological exploration, and you are travelling to China, why not dropping by at Wudalianchi National Forest Park? It may not be your regular tourist destinations but the park has wonderful and extensive volcanic geologic areas that may pique your interest. Besides the volcanic landforms, you can always enjoy the view and the fresh air. It’s a guarantee that coming to this forest park will deliver a unique travelling experience. For once, you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city crowds and noise.

About Wudalianchi Geological Park

Wudalianchi National Forest Park - About Wudalianchi Geological Park

This national park is located in Heilongjiang province, covering a quite wide area of 1.060 square kilometres. As it was mentioned before, the park has volcanic geologic areas that present its own appeal. You should be able to find many mineral and unique springs in Wudalianchi. There are New South Spring, South Spring, North Spring, Fanhua Spring or the Seething Waves, and South Bathing Spring. Each of them is unique and appealing – with their own signature styles. For instance, the South Bathing Spring is the habitat of many variants of fish. It has a peaceful environment and it is popular for the lotus and reeds.

The volcanic landforms are undoubtedly the main appeal of the park. It is the world’s most complete, concentrated, and also well preserved volcanic structures. It is no wonder if Wudalianchi is appointed as the Open Textbook of Volcanoes and also the National Volcanic Museum. Besides the caves and mountains, you should be able to see Zhongling Temple. It is a Buddhist temple with an amazing view, situated on the hill. Feel free to come here as a part of your visit to the park. After all, the park is a natural preserve with fresh air and magnificent view – you won’t be able to find it elsewhere.

The name Wudalianchi means Five Interconnected Lakes. Besides the five springs (previously mentioned), this area is known for its unique topographical miracle that was formed 60,000 years ago by erupting volcanoes. Besides the volcanic areas, you can also enjoy the caves and mountains surrounding the lakes. The waters of the lakes are exotic – each of them has their own hues and shapes. If you are coming to this area, you are in the location of the biggest recuperating centre for cold mineral water in China.

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About the Park in General

Wudalianchi National Forest Park - About the Park in General

If you want to enter the park at the Heliong Mountain, the admission fee is around 80 Yuan per person. If you enter the North Medical Spring, it is 30 Yuan. If you come to South Medical Spring, it is 20 Yuan. If you come to Double Longan, you will have to spend 10 Yuan. If you come to Longmen Stone Village, it is going to cost you 40 Yuan. An entrance to Crystal Palace will cost you 30 Yuan while the Underground Ice River costs around 80 Yuan. The entrance fee to the museum is 10 Yuan per person.

Reaching the National Park

Wudalianchi National Forest Park - Reaching the National Park

You have several options to get to the national park. If you use the train, take the one from Harbin heading to Belan Station. From there, you can continue your trip with the bus (the regular one). If you use the bus, you can take one from Daqing, Qiqihar, and Harbin heading to Wudalianchi Geopark. This kind of bus is available every day.

A lot of people believe that using a car is the most convenient way. If you drive on your own, take the 202 National Highway from Harbin heading to Belan. Afterwards, turn north at no.5 road. You should arrive at Wudalianchi Scenic Zone – especially through Wudalianchi City.

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