Yoyogi Park, the Unique Park in Tokyo with Its Own Appeal

City parks will be favoured and liked if they are well-maintained and clean. People like to come to places where they can clear their heads, enjoy a moment of peace for a while, and feats their eyes with beautiful things. Well, Yoyogi Park is definitely an ideal place to do it all. People are free to come here, take a walk, enjoy free time outdoors, play with their kids, and so much more. And the best thing about it is that they can do it free – they don’t have to pay anything for the experience.

About the Park

Yoyogi Park - About the Park

There are some big parks in Tokyo but Yoyogi Park is one of the biggest. If you take a look at it, you may be reminded of New York’s Central Park. You can find forested areas, ponds, and wide laws at Yoyogi – making it ideal for picnicking, jogging, taking a stroll, and other outdoor activities.

The park was originally designed as a housing area (a residential zone) for the American military personnel. Then, it was used as the Olympic Village, changed for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Later on, in 1967, the area was turned into a city park and it has been running up until now.

The Geography

Yoyogi Park - The Geography

This park is basically divided into 2 different parts separated by a long road. One part is the forested area and another one has a stadium, an outdoor stage, and longer walkway. The forested area is often used for picnics and barbecues while the latter one is often used for events. When it is weekends, it should be easy to find interesting activities or events in this part of the park.

The forested park is perfect for outdoor activities, such as jogging and skating – besides picnic, of course. The fields are sprawling and wide. If you just want to sit or enjoy the fresh air, feel free to do so. If you explore the area, you will find a bird sanctuary, an observation deck (you can see the whole forested area), a sample garden, a pond with several fountains, and cycling plazas for kids and adults.

Keep in mind, though, that the flora collections in this park are nothing when compared to other parks. It has some cherry blossom trees but that’s about it. This is the park popular for its activities and events, not the park for its natural beauty. The park may not be the best hanami spot in Tokyo but it doesn’t mean that people can’t have a hanami picnic there. Moreover, the park is popular for the Ginko tree collections which will turn the forested area to golden during the fall.

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The event venue doesn’t have much flora either. But if you are interested in flea markets, food stalls, or cultural events, this place should be in your go-to list. Since it is the one dedicated to events, including sports, you can find a basketball court, a hockey and soccer field, and also an athletic field.

People and Their Activities

Different people will come to this place – some for relaxing, some for practising (dancing, singing, etc), and some for enjoying the events. Street performers are quite common. If you want to take pictures, the park will be the perfect spot. Keep in mind, though, that you should ask for permissions if you want to take pictures of the people and their activities. Some
people are performing but others for practising. The latter one may mind if their pictures are taken.

Going to the Park

Yoyogi Park - Going to the Park

From Harajuku Station, you only need to walk for 5 minutes and you will reach the park – you won’t miss it because it is close to Meiji Shrine. You can take JR Yamanote Line heading to Harajuku Station and get off there.

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Don’t forget to visit Yoyogi Park when you are coming to Tokyo. Planning to go there for the next holiday? Plan and prepare everything from now. Go to Airpaz to manage the flights and plan early.


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