Yurikehama Beach and the Unique Phantom Floating Beach

What do you feel about the phantom beach of Yurikehama Beach? Also known as Yurigahama Beach, this white sandy beach is truly a unique natural phenomenon. Not only the beach is beautiful and pristine in its look, but it is also unique in the way it ‘shows’ itself. If you want to learn more about this unique beach in Yoron Island (Yoronjima), read more to get the basic of it.

The Mysterious Beach

Yurikehama Beach - The Mysterious Beach

This phantom Yurikehama Beach is around 1.5 kilometres away from Okenaku (or Oogenaku) Beach in Kagoshima Prefecture, the biggest beach in Yoron Island. The beach is quite small, actually, but it’s not always available every time. Unlike other beaches, this white sandy beach only appears on certain months and on certain times only. However, when it does appear, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and unique view where the white sand is looking contrastive with the blue sky and also blue water.

A Natural Phenomenon

Yurikehama Beach - A Natural Phenomenon

Yurikehama Beach itself is located on the eastern coast of Kagoshima Prefecture. The beach actually has a very luscious view with the combination of crystal blue and pure white, but it is the unpredictable appearing that makes this spot popular. When the beach shows up, it will appear in different locations and with different shapes – every time. The locals call this phenomenon phantasmal. The fact that the beach isn’t restricted to a specific area (and it will somewhat appear in random locations) is pretty rare on its own. Aside from the unique appearance, this beach offers general water activities such as swimming and snorkelling.

This seasonal sighting only takes place in springs and summers, generally between April and October. The beach appears one hour before the low tide to one hour after. The time span is pretty short, but it should be enough for most visitors to enjoy the scenic view. Not only you can take pictures, but you can also enjoy swimming or simply playing with water. Try holding the sand and you will find the grains are actually star-shaped. It is called Hoshisuna. There is a local belief saying that if you can pick up the number of sand grains similar to your age, you will be blessed and granted with happiness or good luck.

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Visitors Comments

Most people who have travelled to this area claimed that they were amazed and mesmerized by the phenomenon. First of all, the beach seems to appear (and then gone) out of nowhere – truly worth the name of the phantom beach. This fact alone is super amazing – the visitors found it hard to believe their own eyes. Second, when the beach shows up, it looks like a floating beach, surrounded by water. This is also a unique thing that they can’t find elsewhere. The beach seemed dreamy. Even after they had taken pictures of the beach, the results were also dreamy and somewhat ethereal – as if it weren’t real.

However, the beach is generally gone during winter times, especially during the low tides. The beach won’t be accessible. Visitors could come to the area but with a very careful warning and precautions. But then again, you won’t be able to find the beach there. Like it was mentioned before, it only appears from springs to summers.

How to Reach the Beach

Yurikehama Beach - How to Reach the Beach

You can always fly from Okinawa (40 minutes) or from Kagoshima (1 hour 10 minutes) to Yoronjima. But if you don’t like flying, you can use the ferry. Even when you are travelling to other main islands, you still need to go to Kagoshima or Okinawa first. You can also use the glass boats, operating between June and September only. Drop off at Okenaku Beach and continue by taxi to the beach.

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