South Korea is located in the mid-latitude temperate climate zone. It has four distinct seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring and autumn are affected by high pressure, mostly sunny and dry weather. Due to its location in the northern Pacific Ocean, the summer is mostly hot and humid. In winter, it is affected by the high pressure in the mainland, and the weather is cold and dry. In this little article I want to analyze each season:


Spring is the season of cherry blossoms in Seoul, from about the end of March to mid-April for about one to two weeks. In order to welcome the arrival of spring, residents of Seoul generally hold various cherry blossom festivals. In the spring of Seoul, the scenery is the most touching, the flowers are falling, the spring is full of mountains and springs, with the first flowers in the spring day. In the spring, the mountains of Seoul are a sea of ​​flowers. Plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, when the stars are falling, the azaleas are silently reflected in the mountains.

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The fall of Seoul begins in September to October. In September, the remnants of the summer atmosphere are still often felt. The air during the day will feel very hot. But in the evening to the evening, the air will be very cold. In October, the rainfall and air humidity will be further reduced, so the weather will dry out. Autumn is the best time to visit Seoul. Not only that, the corners of Seoul City look more beautiful, and the decorative maple and ginkgo trees turn red and yellow.


The summer in Seoul began in June, especially after mid-July, when the weather began to heat up and the temperature exceeded 30 degrees. So as soon as this season comes, everyone will choose to go to the air-conditioned facilities, or go to the cool parks, water parks and other places to escape the heat, Koreans will also eat cold diet. In addition to autumn and spring, summer is also a good time to visit Seoul. Because when the summer arrives, Seoul residents also hold many festivals to forget the hot weather.


The ski resorts in Seoul have a variety of ski trails and modern conveniences, a prepared sleigh ride, and a phoenix boat with winter views. Not only Koreans, but also many families from the country without winter. Tourists come to play. Visiting the city from December to February can also provide an incredible holiday experience. In the upcoming New Year, the corners of Seoul City will be decorated with a variety of sparkling Christmas and New Year decorations.

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