Best Things to Do in Chiang Mai for Solo Travelers and Family

Thailand has many tourist attractions that attract international tourists, including Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is quite the opposite of Bangkok, which is dominated by modern urban nuances. There are many best things to do in Chiang Mai related to historical sites and solid local culture.

If you plan to visit, there are many things to do in Chiang Mai with family or enjoy alone for solo travelers. You can find the recommendations in the article below!

Best Thing to Do in Chiang Mai

best things to do in Chiang Mai

The cultural and historical richness here makes there many unique things to do in Chiang Mai. You can adjust your vacation according to your preferences for a more enjoyable holiday sensation.

Some of the paid or free things to do in Chiang Mai that you can do include:

1. Exploring Street Markets

The street market is open every Saturday night in the center of the Old City, so no vehicles are passing, making it less comfortable.

Many food stands, handicrafts, and artists sell their products and services to the tourists passing by.

You can feel the sensation of the local market and shop for unique products at affordable prices. So visiting the market can be an alternative to cheap things to do in Chiang Mai.

2. Visit Elephant Nature Park

best things to do in Chiang Mai

Thailand is famous for its elephants, so visiting Elephant Nature Park can be a means to learn about elephants. You can also see rehabilitated elephants because this place is a rescue center for elephants who have been abused.

The entrance ticket is around 2,500 THB (74.67 USD). You can visit Kuet Chang, Mae Taeng District, every day from 07.00 AM to 05.00 PM.

3. Buddhist Temple Tour

If you want to travel in a more organized way, you can take a tour to see the beauty of Doi Suthep Temple. You can see various natural beauties here, including enjoying the sunrise, the Kruba Srivochai Monument, and other exciting things.

You can start paying 803 THB (24 USD) for a tour package accompanied by a guide.

4. Following the Hill Tribe Trekking

For adventurers, this activity can be a challenging option when in Chiang Mai. You can see views of waterfalls, mountains, valleys, and hill tribes.

To participate in this activity with a reputable tour operator, you can pay around 396.71 THB (11.85 USD).

5. Experience Thai Massage

Not just an ordinary massage; you will get it at the Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution (women’s prison). No need to worry because the case of people going to get a massage is a minor offense. The cost of one session is 180 THB 95.38 USD).

Apart from massage, you can shop inside the crafts store and cafe. The address is 100 Rajchavithi Sriphum Road, subdistrict.

6. Discover The San Kamphaeng Road

This 10 km long road is known as the “Handicraft Highway” because you can find various kinds of handicrafts from local artists. Here you can look around or shop for local products.

If you’re lucky, you can see how artists make their art.

7. Try Khao Soi

cheap things to do in Chiang Mai

Culinary tourism is a must-do in Chiang Mai, and you can start by enjoying Khao Soi, a coconut and curry soup with chicken and yellow egg noodles.

You can feel the crispy sensation because the top is sprinkled with fried egg noodles. For a portion of khao soi, you only need to pay 50 THB (1.49 USD).

8. Meet The Long Neck Karen Tribe

free things to do in Chiang Mai

This group came from Myanmar, but due to political problems in the past, they finally moved to Thailand. Karen Tribe lives in a small village., Mae Rim.

You can meet local people, see their daily activities, and buy local products deliberately sold to visiting tourists.

To communicate, you can come with a tour guide by buying packages at varying prices, depending on the activities included in the tour package.

9. Join the Songkran Festival

unique things to do in Chiang Mai

Make sure to take part in this festival if you visit in April. This event is a traditional Thai New Year celebration held every April 13 and 15.

At this festival, you will “water fight”, which means cleansing of sins. Religious nuances are also felt during this festival.

10. Shop at Warorot Market

This market opens in the morning and closes at night, so you can visit whenever you want. Prices for goods here are also more affordable than shopping at tourist attractions.

There are many types of items that you can buy, such as jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, fruit, and others.

So, is Chiang Mai worth visiting? You know the answer, right?

Remember to follow the recommendations of the best things to do in Chiang Mai above to make the holiday sensation even more exciting. Remember, if you want to order flight tickets and hotels, use Airpaz. Download the App now!


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