Duty-Free Shop at Malaga Airport: Retail Therapy at Its Best

Malaga Airport (AGP) is more than just a transportation hub; it is also a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. If you want to buy souvenirs for your family at a lower price, visit a duty-free shop at Malaga Airport.

This article invites you to explore the location of Malaga duty-free shop, as well as providing a list of the products you can purchase.

Duty-Free Shop at Malaga Airport

Duty-free shop at Malaga Airport.

All international airports, including AGP, offer duty-free shops. Consequently, all merchandise in these shops is exempt from the usual taxes.

Therefore, the prices of goods sold in duty-free shops are lower than those in stores outside the airport. Undoubtedly, international travelers will find this store appealing for shopping.

For your information, Malaga Airport has five duty-free shops that offer a diverse range of products. The names of the shops, their locations, and the opening hours of duty-free shops at Malaga Airport are as follows:

NameLocationOpen Hour
Express Duty-FreeDeparture area T3 (1st floor)7.30 AM to 11 PM
Express Duty-FreeDeparture area T2 (1st floor)7.30 AM to 11 PM
Express Duty-FreeDeparture area T3 (1st floor)7.30 AM to 11 PM
Arrival ShopArrival hall T3 (floor 0)7 AM to 12.30 PM
The ShopDeparture area T3 (1st floor)4.30 AM to 1.30 AM

When you are aware of the location of a duty-free shop at Malaga Airport, it becomes easier for you to engage in last-minute shopping. Consequently, your waiting time can be more enjoyable!

Things to Buy in Duty-free Shop at Malaga Airport

The Shop, Arrival Shop, and Express Duty-Free Shop at Malaga Airport offer a diverse range of product categories. Whether you are in search of fashion, skincare, snacks, jewelry, or liquor, you’ll find a variety of options.

Now, let’s explore the list of duty-free shop at Malaga Airport products and their respective price ranges.

1. Fashion

Malaga Airport Fashion Duty-free shops

Duty-free shop at Malaga Airport boasts an impressive collection of international fashion brands. Shopping at these shops is the best way to enhance your wardrobe with new collections.

Examples of fashion brands available at Malaga Airport include Adidas, Lacoste, GAP, Cottet Sol, Your Fashion Store, Desire, and many more. Most of these brands are accessible in Terminal 3 (T3).

These fashion stores offer a diverse range of apparel collections. You can find menswear, dresses, children’s clothing, bags, footwear, and more. The starting price for fashion items at this store is 20 EUR or 21.28 USD.

2. Eyewear

Eyeweat products at Malaga Airport

Duty-free shop at Malaga Airport also features a stunning collection of eyewear from high-end brands. You can explore fashionable sunglasses for men, women, and kids.

Whether you’re looking for elegant or contemporary eyewear, you can easily find what you want. The duty-free shop offers a variety of eyewear brands, including Ray-Ban, Nike, Oakley, Gucci, Prada Sunglasses, and many more.

The prices of eyewear products range from 35 EUR (38.23 USD) to 405 EUR (442.43 USD).

3. Watches

Watches at Malaga airport duty-free shops

The watch section is a must-visit area while waiting for your flight schedule at AGP. Duty-free shops in AGP showcase a wide range of watch collections from popular brands.

Every timepiece is worth collecting, and it can also serve as a beautiful gift for your family. Various types of watches, including analog and chronograph, are available.

These watches originate from renowned brands such as Michael Kors, Skagen, Hugo Boss, Sekonda, and Emporio Armani. You can take the watch home by spending between 45 EUR (49.14 USD) and 299 EUR (326.51 USD).

4. Jewelry

Jewelry duty-free shop at Malaga Airport

The duty-free jewelry shop at Malaga Airport offers a captivating array of collections, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from Buckley London. You will be enthralled by the diverse selection.

The jewelry section features elegant pieces that are not only perfect for gifting but also make an excellent addition to your personal collection. The prices are quite reasonable, starting from 25 EUR (27.29 USD).

5. Perfumes

duty-free shop at Malaga Airport

If you appreciate scents, do not overlook the perfume section in a duty-free shop. This area features a wide array of fragrances from renowned international perfume brands.

For example, you can enhance your perfume collection with offerings from Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Dior, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and many more. Perfumes for men, women, or unisex options are readily available.

Shopping for perfume won’t break the bank, as prices start at 15.95 EUR (17.46 USD).

6. Skincare

Express duty-free shop at Malaga Airport

When traveling, it’s essential not to overlook your skincare routine to ensure your skin remains fresh and healthy. If your skincare products are running low, consider purchasing high-quality replacements at the AGP duty-free shop.

This shop offers a wide range of skincare products, including body creams, serums, essences, makeup removers, deodorants, facial creams, and more.

These products feature renowned brands such as Dior, Kiehl’s, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, and others. Despite their high quality, the prices are surprisingly affordable, starting from 5.50 EUR (6 USD).

7. Liquor

alcohol prices in the duty-free shop at Malaga Airport

Your duty-free shopping experience will be complete when you visit the liquor section. Duty-free shops offer premium collections of spirits, whiskeys, brandy, champagnes, and wines. 

These products are tax-free and will be more affordable than those in your country. So, shopping for liquor provides an excellent opportunity to stock up on your favorite drinks.

For your information, alcohol prices in the duty-free shop at Malaga Airport start from 4 EUR (4.36 USD).

Shopping at the duty-free shop at Malaga Airport will enhance your travel experience. Therefore, allocate some time before boarding to purchase duty-free products at reasonable prices. Want to save more on your next trip? Ensure to book your flight via Airpaz to access attractive deals!


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