Chiang Mai Airport Made Easy: Your Unmissable Guide!

When visiting Chiang Mai, one of the most popular places for world tourists, you will use Chiang Mai Airport. This airport will handle the arrival process until your departure later.

So that you don’t get confused at this airport, you can find a variety of essential information that will help make your trip more enjoyable through the following article!

About Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX)

Chiang Mai airport terminals

You can use the Chiang Mai Airport code, CNX, to make it easier to name the airport, located at 60 Mahidol Road, Suthep Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province. Based on this location, the distance is only 4 km southwest of downtown.

CNX is the main airport in Northern Thailand and the fourth busiest airport in Thailand, so passenger and flight traffic is very high.

The hectic traffic at this airport is due to the large number of people who want to vacation in the northern part of Thailand or choose a vacation spot other than the bustling Bangkok.

Therefore, the total number of flights from this airport to Bangkok and vice versa is the highest compared to other flights. Access from this airport to various destinations is also good, making it easier for tourists.

This article has brief information about the CNX airport. You can find information about terminals, facilities, hotels, etc., in the next section. Let’s take a look!

Terminals & Facilities

Terminals and Facilities 1

There is one building at the airport that functions as a terminal, whereas there is a particular terminal for international and domestic flights in that building.

Chiang Mai Airport terminals in one building can make it easier for you to access both flights, so you don’t have to move to other buildings.

Domestic flights take place on the north side of the building, while international flights take place on the south side of the building. The arrivals hall and departure hall are located on the same floor, but their location adjusts to each side of the flight.

There are two levels of this terminal, namely:

  • Ground floor: specifically the arrival area for both types of flights. It is where you can find domestic and international lounges on each side.
  •  First floor: is the Chiang Mai Airport departures area, which also provides domestic and international lounges.

Both terminals provide complete facilities for passengers, such as travel agents, currency exchange, ATMs, customs, information desks, retail, emergency medical care, prayer room, spa, smoking area, car rental, and so on.


Chiang Mai Airport

Sometimes hotels around the airport are places you must prepare when traveling. This is because you might get a very early departure time or land at CNX late at night.

So, picking up a hotel must be taken into consideration.

You don’t need to worry about getting to hotels or inns around the airport because there are many choices.

We will recommend several inns that have the closest distance to the airport.

First, you can stay at VC @Suanpaak Boutique Hotel & Service Apartment. This hotel is one of the closest to the airport because it is only 1.4 km away and can be reached in three minutes.

Second, the Wellness Chiang Mai Hotel is comfortable, only 2.1 km away. Then there is the 3B Boutique Hotel which is 2.8 km away, 188 Teak House is 3.2 km away, and Le Cannes, which is still quite close, is 4.6 km.


Chiang Mai Airport

For a pleasant trip, you must use a mode of transportation that suits your needs and budget. Many transportation options will take you to your hotel or other destinations.

First, you can use the Chiang Mai Airport taxi, a more private vehicle and the travel time is faster than public transportation. Chiang Mai Airport car rental is suitable for you who want to be more flexible during your trip.

Then there is the airport shuttle bus, which arrives every 30 minutes. Public buses can deliver to various stations at a lower fare.

Finally, a tuk-tuk is a suitable transportation option if you want to feel the sensation of riding a traditional vehicle.

Going to Old Town from Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai airport car rental

If you want to enjoy free time after landing at CNX Airport, you can explore the city, one of which is the downtown old city or Old Town. There you can enjoy various tourist objects, such as beautiful temples.

There are several options for visiting the Old Town, namely:

  • Airport Bus operates from 06.00 AM to 10.30 PM, departing from the arrival hall.
  • Airport taxi that uses a taxi meter located at the arrival hall.
  • Cheap Tuk-tuk to Old Town.
  •  Shared Taxi (Songthaew) can be found at the arrival exit.

Best Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Airport

We recommend various exciting activities that you can do in Chiang Mai. Some of these activities include visiting the Elephant Nature Park, relaxing in a cafe, traveling around the city on a motorbike, interacting with locals, visiting Buddhist temples, hill tribe trekking, and others.

Based on this information about Chiang Mai Airport, you will be clear when you are here. For flight ticket bookings, use Airpaz because it’s fast and convenient. 


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