Goa Airport Terminal: What Facilities Will You Get?

The airport terminal is one of the places that you will visit if you are an airplane passenger. Before you land at Goa Airport, you should know about the Goa Airport terminal to quickly navigate through the terminal. Therefore, in the following article, let’s see complete information about the airport terminal.

Goa Airport Terminals

Facilities Goa Airport terminal

After a long operation, Goa Airport had a new terminal in March 2014. This terminal serves various domestic and international flights with a modern and integrated concept.

The new terminal helps accommodate air traffic which continues to increase. This terminal has overcome the inconvenience due to the separation of the international terminal and the domestic terminal.

Another name for Goa Airport’s new Terminal is NITB, which can handle a maximum of 2,750 passengers during peak hours. So, every year, about 5 million passengers can be accommodated.

The domestic and international terminals at Goa Airport are in the same building. Both have outstanding design because of frameless glazing, aesthetic glass and steel structures, and eight aerobridges.

The terminal at the airport also has its waste treatment plant, so the airport participates in maintaining environmental balance. In addition, a modern baggage scanning system makes checking activities very effective.

There are 22 immigration counters for Goa Airport departures, 18 for Goa Airport arrivals, 8 customs counters, 14 booths of security checking, and 75 check-in counters.

If you are curious about the facilities of each terminal, let’s see the explanation in the following sections!

Arrival Terminal

Goa Airport Arrival Terminal

The arrival hall is on the ground level, handling domestic and international arrivals at Goa airport.

You can use the airport bus service to access the international and domestic arrival terminals. After arriving at the terminal, you must go through customs controls and fill out an arrival card in customs.

Some of the facilities you will find at the arrival terminal include:

  • Currency exchange counter that will make it easier to exchange the money you carry according to the local currency.
  • Baby care facilities that make it easier for families with children.
  • Medical care services that you can visit if you have health problems.
  • Snack and coffee counters are suitable for filling the stomach between waiting. But unfortunately, you will need help finding meal stalls there.
  • In the international area, you can shop at a duty-free shop that provides many products.
  • Information desk that can provide all the information you need.
  • Special smoking area for smokers, so you won’t disturb other passengers with your cigarette smoke.
  • Luggage carts and trolleys for carrying suitcases and bags.
  • Wi-Fi access can help you access information if your internet connection has problems when you arrive at the airport. But you can only use it for 30 minutes.

Access to getting a vehicle is also easy because you can find prepaid taxis at the exit area that can take you all over Goa. Because it is prepaid, the price is by the government’s approval and is not negotiable.

Departure Terminal

Goa Airport Departure Terminal

The departure terminal handles domestic and international flights like the arrival area. The departure terminal location is on the second floor/level, apart from handling departures, a security hold facility, and a boarding area.

The only people who can access this terminal are passengers with valid and checked tickets. If you are using an international flight, you must arrive at the terminal four hours before flight time. As for domestic flights, a maximum of two hours before flying.

After passing through security, customs, and control, you must check in according to a carrier and fill out the departure cards.

Some of the services and facilities that you will find in this departure area are:

  • Duty-free shops in international areas.
  • Cafe and snack machines at the international hall, you will find it challenging to find food counters because there are not many of them.
  • Smoking area for smokers.
  • Information desk, which helps to provide information or instructions to each passenger.
  • Currency exchange counters in the domestic departure area.
  • Free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes.
  • ATM in the departure hall area
  • Baby care rooms can be a place to take care of babies before departure.
  • Mobile charging spots

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of the Goa Airport lounge, which can be a place to rest and eat because of the Good Times Bar. The location is at domestic departure, opposite Gare D and Gate E.

You can enjoy a dinner buffet with various foods. The payment methods that apply to this lounge are credit and debit cards. Due to the limited number of lounges, it is often crowded.

Inter-terminal Transports

inter-terminal transport Goa Airport Terminal

Because the Arrival and Departure Terminal are in the same building, transit between airport is unnecessary. You can walk and use the escalators to access each terminal.

After knowing the various facilities and instructions about Goa Airport Terminal, you can start planning the trip. Make sure to book flight tickets and hotels at Airpaz because it’s faster and more effective! 


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