Simplified Milan Airport Terminal Guide for Your Convenience

If you’re planning to fly to Milan through Milan-Malpensa Airport, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various facilities available at the Milan Airport terminals for a comfortable journey. Let’s get started!

Milan Airport Terminals

Milan Airport Terminal

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) serves as Milan’s primary international gateway, overseeing a broad spectrum of international flights within Europe as well as domestic services 

Notably, it was previously the main hub for Alitalia until 2008. However, due to significant operational expenses at Milan Airport, Alitalia relocated its base to Rome Fiumicino Airport.

In the wake of this transition, since 2010, MXP Airport has functioned as Easyjet’s second-largest hub, following London Gatwick Airport, solidifying its position in the aviation network. The airport comprises two terminals—Terminal 1 and Terminal 2—facilitating passenger traffic and various flight operations.

Milan Airport Terminal 1

Milan Airport Terminal 1

Milan Airport Terminal 1 is the main hub for flights at Malpensa Airport, overseeing a wide range of international and domestic services, including charter flights. 

t boasts 90 boarding gates, 270 check-in counters (with self-check-in kiosks), and 41 loading bridges. With a capacity to handle up to 30 million passengers annually, it plays a crucial role within the airport.

The structure of Milan Airport Terminal 1 is organized across four levels: Underground Floor, Ground Floor, First Floor, and Second Floor, each serving different functions and passenger needs efficiently.

In terms of concourses, T1 is divided into three areas:

  • Terminal 1A: This section, housing Concourse A, is dedicated to managing domestic and Schengen flights. It oversees Gate A01 through A10, ensuring a smooth operational flow for these specific types of flights.
  • Terminal 1B: Split into two sub-concourses, B1 and B2, these areas handle specific sections of intercontinental and non-Schengen flights. B1 manages Gate B01 to B10, while B2 handles Gate B50 to B59, providing a seamless experience for travelers in these flight categories.
  • Terminal 1C: Exclusively allocated to Concourse C, this segment focuses entirely on catering to the needs of passengers flying on intercontinental and non-Schengen routes, designed to offer tailored services for a smooth journey for these travelers.

Facilities and Services

Milan Airport Terminal

The following are facilities and services available in Milan Airport Terminal 1. 

  • Post Office: Located in the Arrivals Zone, Ground Floor, Landside. Available on weekdays (8:20 AM–1:45 PM) and weekends (8:20 AM–12:45 PM). 
  • Baby Care Facilities – Baby Pit Stop: Equipped with a changing table and baby care essentials.
  • Kid-friendly Play Space: Located at various points in T1, airside.
  • Eateries: Primarily at Briciole, open 24 hours in Milan Airport Terminal 1, with other concessions operating on varying schedules between 4:00 AM and 10:00 PM. 
  • Grocery Store – Carrefour Market: Available at Milan Airport Terminal 1, landside, from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM daily.
  • Luggage Services: Storage and wrapping are available at different locations within Milan Airport Terminal 1.
  • Medical Services & Pharmacy: First aid is on the 1st floor of T1, and pharmacies are available at specific hours.
  • Pharmacy: Available at T1, landside, Arrivals, Ground Floor, and at T1, Departures B, 1st Floor. Open hours from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • ATMs / Cash Machines: Located in both landside and airside areas of Milan Airport Terminal 1.
  • Banking Services: Banca Popolare di Sondrio – Positioned at T1, landside, Check-In Area 17, 2nd Floor.
  • Currency Exchange.: Forexchange – Ten spots across Terminal 1 with varying hours in different areas.
  • Duty-Free & Shopping: Five Dufry duty-free shops are located in Terminal 1.
  • Chapel: Hosts mass at 8:00 AM on Sundays and holidays at T1, landside, Check-In Area 1, 2nd Floor.


Milan Airport Terminal

The lounges in Terminal 1 Milan Airport offer services such as showers, snacks, drinks, newspapers, and magazines. Here’s a list of the available lounges located airside.

  • Emirates Lounge is situated airside.
  • The Lufthansa (Star Alliance Only) 
  • Lufthansa Business Lounge is specifically for Schengen passengers

Other lounges include:

  • Casa Alitalia Lounge at the North Satellite Boarding Area offers access through payment at the door.
  • Club S.E.A. Sala Montale at Departures Level Satellite B, providing access through payment at the door.
  • Sala Monteverdi at the South Satellite, serving Schengen passengers and offering access through payment at the door or via lounge membership programs.
  • Sala Pergolesi at the Central Satellite, for Non-Schengen travelers, offering access through payment at the door or lounge membership programs.

Milan Airport Terminal 2

Milan Airport Terminal 2

Malpensa Terminal 2, exclusively utilized by EasyJet and dedicated to budget airlines, features 58 check-in desks, 23 boarding gates, 14 passport control desks, and 28 aircraft stands.

The terminal underwent enhancements during the three-year closure of Terminal 2 amid the pandemic hiatus, introducing a new fast-track area and a revamped security check control.

The structure of Malpensa Terminal 2 encompasses different levels: the underground floor, the ground floor, and the first level.

Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services at Milan Terminal 2

The following are the facilities and services available in Terminal 2.

  • Duty-free: The duty-free shop, managed by Dufry, operates solely within Terminal 2 and is situated airside.
  • Currency exchange: Available in Terminal 2, both on the Ground Floor at Check-In and on the 1st Floor in Departures, with varying operational hours.
  • Banking services: Provided by Banca Popolare di Milano located at T2, Ground Floor, Arrivals. It operates from 8:20 AM to 1:20 PM and from 2:35 PM to 3:35 PM on weekdays.
  • ATMs/Cash Machines: Available in both landside and airside areas of Terminal 2.
  • Medical services: Include a first aid station on the 1st floor (south side) of T1 and outside the ground floor of T2.
  • Pharmacy.: Situated landside in Terminal 2 at the Check-In area on the Ground Floor, operating from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.
  • Luggage wrapping: SecureBag provides services in two stations within T2, located landside at Check-In on the Ground Floor, operating from 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Online booking offers a rate of EUR 9,00/USD 9,64.
  • Play Area: Accessible airside at Gate D9 in Terminal 2.

Inter-terminal Transfer

Milan Airport Terminal

At Milan Malpensa Airport, travelers have two main ways to move between terminals:

  1. Shuttle Service: A complimentary 24-hour shuttle service ensures a quick transfer between terminals, taking around 15 minutes. The shuttle operates frequently during the day (every 7 minutes) and less often at night (every 30 minutes).

Shuttle Stops:

  • Terminal 1: Located opposite the Sheraton Hotel.
  • Terminal 2: Positioned by the sidewalk near the arrival exit.
  1. Malpensa Express Train: This railway system links the terminals from early morning (starting at 04:27 AM) until late evening (ending at 00:20 AM). Passengers can access the train with a valid ticket from any Malpensa terminal.

Train Station Locations:

  • Terminal 1: The station resides on the -1 floor with an open ticket office from 06:15 AM to 09:20 PM.
  • Terminal 2: The station is on the -1 floor, connected to Terminal 2 via a pedestrian walkway, with a ticket office open daily from 08:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Now that you have a better understanding of Milan Airport Terminal, book your flight tickets right away through Airpaz. Have a nice trip!


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