Shopping at Duty-free Shops at Hong Kong Airport

Purchasing items excluded from regional and federal taxes is the primary benefit of shopping at the airport. What are the duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport like? Let’s investigate.

Duty-free Shops at Hong Kong Airport 

duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

You can find lifestyle inspiration at The HkairportShop on various international goods, including airport must-haves in the categories of wine, travel, and lifestyle.

Orders can also be placed on You can buy without fuss and pick up your orders before or after your flight because it will be ready for collection in 90 minutes. You may shop with complete confidence because of their 100% Genuine Goods Guarantee, customer assistance, and unique gift wrapping set. 

This shop is near Gate 5, L6 Departure, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong. Alcoholic beverages, beauty products, trinkets, accessories, apparel, gadgets, fragrances, cigarettes, and watches are all available at the Hong Kong Airport Duty-Free Shop.

1. Leather Products

Leather products // duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

You won’t be able to control your need to shop once you get to the airport in Hong Kong because many high-quality stores provide everything from necessities to luxury goods here. 

If you enjoy leather products, a Babila store offers many different leather things, such as shoes and bags. Pricing begins at USD 7,00. 

You’ll find everything you need at HKIA, whether you need additional luggage to carry your other items or simply want to discover sturdy, eye-catching, and useful shoes. It is located in Terminal 2’s Departures section.

2. Cigarettes 

Cigarettes // duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

Cigarettes are not inexpensive, for instance, outside on Hong Kong’s regular shopping streets. Depending on where in the world you are from, prices in various nations also vary. 

For instance, the standard price for a pack of 20 is 8 USD, which is slightly more than the price in a store in mainland China but still considerably less than what you would pay in the US or the UK. The cost of cigarettes in Duty-Free is considerably less than it is in most other retailers. 

The reason is that levies imposed by the government to deter smoking account for a large portion of the cost of cigarettes in Hong Kong. 

Although costs differ greatly depending on the brand you purchase, you can pay USD 15,33  for a carton of 200 cigarettes at a Hong Kong Airport Duty-Free shop. Since you save eight percent off the market price, buying cigarettes from duty-Free shops is a must if you wish to save money.

3. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses // duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

When traveling, sunglasses are something that you must bring. You can stop by Sunglass Hut between 7:30 AM and 10.30 PM on Level 6 of Terminal 1. 

This open shop provides a large selection of sunglasses for both men and women. Some of the best brands are available at Sunglass Hut. The price starts from USD 52.

4. Beauty Products

Beauty products // duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

When visiting duty-free stores, purchasing cosmetics is something you should not skip. Because there is a large assortment of cosmetics from well-known brands that may be found at affordable prices.

Beauty & You by The Shilla Duty-Free is one retailer that provides duty-free cosmetics and personal care items. The business has several locations at the Hong Kong Airport, and in addition to offering the largest selection of skincare and cosmetics, they also sell perfumes and other items. Although more stores may offer the same thing, this store is the best.

5. Clothing and Accessories 

Clothing and Accessories // duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

It is a good idea to go shopping for clothing. Over a hundred renowned brand stores here carry the greatest apparel and accessories for customers of all ages and sizes. 

Shop for apparel and accessories for men, women, and children at 759 Kawaiiland for a reasonable price. The store is on Terminal 2 Departures Level 5, where you can buy intriguing devices. 

6. Sweet and Confectionery 

Sweet and Confectionery // duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

A range of sweet and savory Cantonese dishes with a Chinese twist are available if you enjoy eating sweet food. Additionally, you can bring it as a gift for your friends or family since they offer lovely gift boxes. 

You can stop at Kee Wah Bakery, which is open from 7 AM to 11 PM. Find it on Level 7 of Departures in Terminal 1. While waiting at the airport, you may also eat at the bakery they offer. 

7. Alcoholic Beverage 

Alcoholic beverage // duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport

Visit Duty Zero by Cdf if you wish to sample classic Chinese alcoholic beverages. You will have a wonderful shopping experience at this store, which offers the best spirits, regional specialties, and the largest assortment of Chinese liquors at the best pricing among Asia-Pacific airports. 

In addition, you can purchase packaged foods at this store to take on a flight or to give as gifts to loved ones. They offer a range of packaged foods, from inexpensive fare to high-end items. Find this shop at Terminal 1, L5 (Arrival level), and L6(Departure level). 

That’s the overview of the duty-free shops at Hong Kong Airport. Order your flight tickets from Airpaz right away to take advantage of the greatest deals.


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