Find out Why Wat Ratchannaddaram is Worth for a Visit

Have you ever heard about wat Ratchannaddaram Bangkok? Thailand is known as a country with a thousand of temples. No wonder you can find many of them, including the famous Wat Ratchannaddaram Worawihan Bangkok. This Buddhist temple is located in Bangkok, approximately the intersection between Ratchadamnoen Klang and Maha Chai Road. It is probably not as popular as other temples, but Wat Ratchannaddaram Bangkok is still worth for a visit.

Wat Ratchannaddaram History

Wat Ratchannaddaram

This tample was built in 1846 during the reign of King Rama III. It earned the fame because of the metal castle called Loha Prasat. King Rama III ordered to build the Wat Ratchannaddaram (Loha Prasat) temple for Mom Chao Ying or Princess Sommanut Wattanawadee, his niece. Thus, she could have a conducive environment for meditation and then became Rama IV’s wife.

Things to do in Wat Ratchannaddaram

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Wat Ratchannaddaram Bangkok may not be as famous as other temples, but still, you can find many attractive things to do there. Please check out the following list:

• Explore Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

Wat Ratchannaddaram Bangkok is made in Loha Prasart style, in the square shape with 7 floors and 37 spires. The relic of the Lord Buddha is placed on the top shire. You can reach the peak through the 67th stress of spiral staircase. You will be able to see Bangkok city in 360 degrees of view as well as the Golden Mountain and Wat Boworn from there.

• Wander around the temple area

There are many attractions to see around location area. Take for example the city fortress, Nitatrattanakosin Museum, the democracy monument, the Queen Sirikit Art Museum and the Golden Mount Temple. Spend a couple of hours to explore those historic tourism spots.

• Visit Lan Maha Jetsadapodin

A beautiful park named Lan Maha Jetsadapodin is situated in the front loaction. It plays essential role to welcome guests who make visit during Thai New year. You are likely going to see Thai play, musical and Khon dance here.

Wat Ratchanatdaram entrance fee

You can visit tourist sites during its opening hours from 9 am to 5 pm. If you are a non-Thai, you need to prepare 20 Baht for the entrance fee, while Thai visitors pay for 10 Baht. Children under 15 are free. Instead of being called an entrance fee, the money is used for maintenance costs of Wat Ratchannaddaram in the form of donation.

Wat Ratchannaddaram how to get there

There are their options of around location transport you can choose, i.e. subway, bus, and taxi. It is also possible to take a walk. If you come from abroad, then you will need to take a flight to Wat Ratchannaddaram. Visit Airpaz website to find the most interesting airfare deals. Then, you can save more to enjoy the trip exploring Wat Ratchannaddaram Worawihan Bangkok. Tips for your traveling around the world maybe you needed !


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