Everything You Need to Know About Kansai Airport Terminals

If you plan to spend your vacation in Japan by visiting the cities of Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka, then landing at Kansai Airport is one of the best choices.

This is because two Kansai Airport Terminals serve almost all domestic and international flights in the Kansai region.

So that you don’t get confused when you arrive at the Kansai International Airport terminal, you must understand what the conditions are like here!

Kansai Airport Terminals

Kansai Airport Terminals
Kansai Airport Terminals / Pixabay

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is a modern airport that is spacious and has many supporting facilities for its users.

At this airport, there are two terminals, namely Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 and Kansai International Airport Terminal 2.

These two terminals are quite different from each other, where the size of Terminal 1 is wider and provides many facilities for visitors.

While Terminal two is smaller and for LCC (Low-Cost Carrier) planes.

Kansai Airport Terminal 1

Kansai Airport Terminal 1
Kansai Airport Terminal 1 / Pixabay

This terminal is the work of an Italian architect and has a length of 1.7 kilometers, making it the longest airport terminal in the world.

Services at this terminal relate to domestic and international. The roof design has a unique design that can allow air to flow from the terminal building.

1. Levels

This spacious terminal has four levels. The first level is the international arrival section, which comprises access to various transportation, customs, and immigration.

On the second level is the place for domestic departures and arrivals, where there are check-in counters, various facilities, and access to gates 16 to 25.

On the third level, restaurants and shops can be your destination when you want to eat or just shop. Then at the last level is the international departure area.

At this level, there are two gates: the north wing and the south wing. There is a check-in location as well as gate access.

2. Services

Some of the services in this area include toilets, internet, medical, police, currency exchange, showers, and information counters.

3. Airport Lounges

Several lounges in terminal 1 include the Regus Express Business Lounge, which provides Wi-Fi, printers and copiers, and snacks.

There are also Botejyu, KIX Airport Lounge, Card Members Lounge Hiei, ANA Signet, Japan Airlines JAL Sakura Lounge Card Members Lounge Rokko, and various other lounges.

All the lounges in terminal one provide many benefits for its users. These benefits include food, snacks, telephone, Wi-Fi, TV, magazines, internet terminals, drinks, and newspapers.

The existence of the lounge can make every passenger who uses the airport feel calmer and can rest while waiting for a flight.

4. Additional Information

Before passing security and customs, you can eat first in Terminal 1. There are lots of good restaurants that serve a variety of menus so that you can adjust to your taste.

Most restaurants and food courts are located in the domestic departure area (2F) and the shopping and dining area (3F).

In addition to these two places, there are also several other places around the airport.

Kansai Airport Terminal 2

Kansai Airport Terminal 2
Kansai Airport Terminals 2 / Pixabay

At this terminal, they only manage low-cost or low-cost flights. There is only one airline in Terminal 2, namely Peach.

1. Level

The Terminal 2 building is only one level and is divided into several areas. The first is the International Gate area, where passengers check in.

The second is the area for the gate and check-in for domestic flights and the place of arrival.

2. Services

The services you will get if you use terminal two include currency exchange, information counters, toilets, ATMs, lost property, internet service, baggage services, baby care rooms, and a kids’ playing area.

3. Airport Lounges

Unfortunately, the lounge facilities are only available in Terminal 1, so the facilities you will get are only service services as described above.

4. Additional Information

Within the Terminal 2 area, there are only a few cafes and restaurants to choose from, which are generally always busy.

Good restaurants are usually only in Terminal 1 only. To avoid queues, you can eat around the Hotel Nikko area instead.

Inter-terminal Transport

Inter-terminal Transport
Inter-terminal Transport / Pixabay

Passengers can use the free shuttle bus to change terminals or reach locations far away. The cars will come every two minutes.

In addition, on the south wing and north wing, there is a terminal station, midway station, and a shuttle station that will make it easier for you to go to different departure gates.

Apart from the facilities at each of these terminals, some lounges are generally available at Kansai Airport.

Some of them are tourist information centers, doctor’s and dental clinics, battery pet hotels, business services, prayer rooms, post offices, police stations, and baggage storage.

When you visit Japan and arrive at Kansai International, both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, you won’t have any trouble finding facilities to use. 

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