Choosing Haneda Airport Transportation to Tokyo

Haneda Airport is closer to Tokyo City than Narita Airport. It means you can save much time and money of course for the shorter trip to downtown. You do not need to worry about how to get there too. Even if you want to go to Yokohama first, you can choose a suitable transportation mode.

Types of Transportation Mode Available

Tokyo Monorail

Haneda airport transportation - Tokyo Monorail

The old system is still useful. Tokyo Monorail starts from Hamamatsucho station through JR Yamanote line. As it stops at every terminal of Haneda Airport, you can get on to get access between terminals.

Keikyu Line

Haneda airport transportation - Keikyu Line

Keikyu line serves Tokyo and Yokohama. That is why you have to pay attention which direction it goes. The Keikyu line will stop at Shinagawa station in Tokyo, about 13 minutes from Haneda Airport. When heading to Yokohama, it will stop at Yokohama station, about 20-25 from the airport.

Limousine Bus

Haneda airport transportation - Limousine Bus

To go to Tokyo with limousine airport bus, you will need to pay for 1.000 to 2.000 yen. It does not only offer a faster trip to the city rather than you come from Narita Airport. The prices are also cheaper. Moreover, you can stop at any major tourist spot or station around Tokyo which makes this transportation mode more flexible than taking the train.


Haneda airport transportation - Taxi

If you come in a group and look for comfort to take a trip together or even bring a lot of pieces of luggage, you should go to Tokyo by taking a taxi. It is the best way to get there. You do not need to wait for the trip schedule like riding a bus. Depending on your destination in downtown, taxi fare will be around 5.000 to 10.000 yen. Book it in advance will make the trip more comfortable too.

Private car

Haneda airport transportation - Private car

If you feel inconvenient to take a public transportation mode, you can book a private car in advance. To go with some people, it is also possible to rent a minivan with a driver.

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Taking the Trip From Haneda to the Famous Spots in Tokyo

Which is the area in Tokyo that you are going to visit too? Every mode of transportation has advantages and disadvantages that you need to know. And sometimes, they do not go with the same directions. Therefore, you need to choose the transportation mode based on your destination.

Take the train to go to Shinjuku

The most reliable transportation to Shinjuku is the Keyikyo Airport Line. It will take you to Shinagawa. Then, you can continue the trip by JR Yamanote line to Shinjuku.

Get on the bus to Shinjuku

If you wish for a little bit longer journey, you can go to Shinjuku by bus. Depending on stop and traffics, the trip will take around 35-37 minutes and cost about 1,200 yen. You can stop at Shinjuku Station West Exit or any major hotel in Shinjuku.

Go to Shibuya by train

The route to Shibuya is just the same with Shinjuku. So, you need to get on the train to Shinagawa and take the next one to Shibuya. It will cost around 1,000 yen.

Limousine bus as the alternative to Shibuya

There are only 3 stops in Shibuya Area, including the Shibuya Station West Exit. Depending on where you stop and the traffic, it is likely going to be 30 to 70 minutes of the trip. You also need to pay around 1,030 yen. It will get doubled if you take the bus after midnight.

Tokyo Station by train and bus

If you go to Tokyo Station by train, there is a special rout. Your train from Haneda Airport, Tokyo Monorail Line, will take you to Hamamatsucho. Then, you can continue the trip to Tokyo or Ueno by JR Yamanote Line.

Alternatively, you will be able to go to Tokyo Station by bus. It will stop at Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit and cost you for around 930 yen for about 30 to 7p minute-trip.

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So, which transportation mode that you are going to take when heading to Tokyo? Whichever it is, if you want to save from the start, even before taking a flight, you should book your airline tickets at Airpaz.


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