Tourist Attractions near Hong Kong International Airport You Can Visit

Not all tourists travel to Hong Kong because they really go on vacation there. Some of them are airplane passengers with certain destinations and have a long transit period. Spending a long enough transit time just inside the airport is certainly quite boring. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong if you choose to walk to a number of tourist attractions that are located close to the airport. This can be one of the fun ways to spend time while getting interesting experiences.


Recommended Tourist Destinations near Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong is one of the countries for many aircraft. This is why the city is often visited by tourists who are in transit. Having a long enough transit time in Hong Kong will certainly be boring if you just stay inside the airport. This is why; you can stop by first to enjoy a number of tourist attractions close to the Hong Kong International Airport to fill in the transit time of the aircraft or the streets when arriving in Hong Kong.


1. Hong Kong Disneyland

hongkong disneyland

The theme park that carries the Disney theme is located in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island. The amusement park has an area of 27.5 hectares and is located within the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. There are seven theme areas in Hong Kong Disneyland namely Fantasyland, Tomorrow land, Toy Story, Main Street USA, Adventure land, Grizzly Gulch, and Mystic Point. All of the amusement park areas can be reached by the Disneyland Resort Line or the Long Win Bus line. However, if you only transit in Hong Kong then you should consider the time so that you do not miss the plane.


2. Ngong Ping 360

ngong ping 360 hong kong

This Hong Kong tourist attraction is a gondola track on Lantau Island. The cable car line was formerly called the Tung Chung Cable Car Project and in April 2005, it was replaced with the Ngong Ping 360. The length of the railroad line was around 5.7 km and 19 gondola cabins were available. Each cabin is able to carry passengers up to 17 people. One trip by cable car from the beach to the summit takes about 25 minutes. Are you interested in enjoying the thrill of a cable car? You can go to the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Terminal by taking the MTR on the Tung Chung line to Tung Chung Station then taking Exit B.


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3. Avenue of Stars

avenue of stars hong kong

It’s like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the United States. Avenue of Starts area is a form of appreciation for celebrities in the country’s film industry. There are hundreds of handprints from Hong Kong artists or producers are famous for their abilities in the film industry. When entering the area from the direction of Salisbury Garden, you will be confronted directly with a statue of a replica Hong Kong Film Awards as high as 4.5 meters. In addition, you can also get to know the history of the development of film in Hong Kong over the past century. To go to Avenue of Stars, you can take MTR with Tseung Kwan O line to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station and exit J. The Avenue of Stars location is only about 3 minutes from the station.


4. Po Lin Monastery

po lin monastery

This Buddhist monastery is located on the top of the Ngong Ping hill on Lantau Island. Formerly, this monastery was built by three monks in 1906 and was named Tai Mao Pung. Only in 1924 was the monastery transformed into Po Lin Monastery. In the main part of the monastery, there are three Buddhist statues made of bronze. To reach the monastery area, you can take a bus, taxi, or gondola to the top of the Ngong Ping hill.


5. Tsim Sha Tsui

tsim sha tsui location

For those who like shopping, be sure not to miss visiting the Tsim Sha Tsui area. There, you will find many shops from various world-famous brands such as Fendi, Giorgio Armani, GUCCI, Coach, Apple, and others that are neatly lined up along the road. Usually, these shops offer quite tempting discounts. Therefore, traveling to Hong Kong is often an attractive choice for hunting various branded goods at more affordable prices.


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It turns out there are quite a lot of tourist attractions located not so far from Hong Kong International Airport. This can be an interesting recommendation when visiting Hong Kong, including you who may only transit there. Come on; manage your journey from now on. You can book flight tickets on Airpaz and get many conveniences.