Best Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

Antalya, also known as the “Turkish Riviera,” is a popular tourist destination in Turkey, where the sea, sun, history, and environment coexist harmoniously. When you arrive here, what transportation method in Antalya Airport can you use to explore the city?

This city offers visitors a spectacular and wonderful experience, with attractions such as St. Nicholas Church, Apollon Temple, Aspendos Theater, Ancient Site of Olympos, Karain Caves, Manavgat Waterfall, Mount Olympos, and Saklkent Gorge.

This article will discuss the eight most recommended transportation methods in Antalya Airport. Let’s start.

Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

There are many ways to get to the airport and travel from one terminal to another. Travelers at Antalya Airport can choose from the following modes of transportation. However, the quickest ways to get to the city center are by taxi or Antray.

1. Autobus or Public Buses

Autobus or Public Buses // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

A one-way ticket for this kind of transportation method in Antalya Airport costs 3,60 TRY and may be bought by the driver. There are separate bus stations for domestic and international travel. The public shuttle bus number 600 connects the two bus stations roughly 2.5 kilometers apart and runs every 30 minutes.
The public bus number 800 connects the airport to the Antalya Lara district every two hours. It takes around 50 to 60 minutes to travel.

2. Dolmus (Minibus)

Dolmus // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

One of Antalya’s most important forms of public transportation is mini-buses (dolmuş). It differs from Turkish public buses by having distinctive tracks. In contrast to huge buses, they commonly pass through the city’s alleyways and neighborhoods. In addition, the fare may be paid in cash rather than with a transportation card. Mini-buses depart from the Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal every 30 to 45 minutes for Kemer, nearby resorts, and all Antalya vacation destinations like Belek, Side, Manavgat, and Alanya.

3. The Tram/Antray

The Tram // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

The Airport Line and the Expo Line comprise the Antray Tram Line, a light rail system operated by the Antalya Municipality. From Fatih station to Antalya Airport, the Airport Line passes right through the middle of the city. This line makes it straightforward to go downtown. The Antray Tram stop at the airport is in front of the Domestic Terminal and the First International Terminal (T1). The tram fare is 3.65 TRY.

4. Shuttle to the Airport (HAVAS)

Shuttle to the Airport // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

The airport’s domestic terminal has a shuttle bus, namely the HAVAS shuttle bus, that takes passengers into the city’s heart. Between 6:00 and 22:00, the bus runs every hour. There are two morning buses available (04:30 and 05:30). The trip to Antalya downtown lasts between 35 and 45 minutes, and the ticket costs 12 TRY.

5. Otobüsü Halk

Otobüsü Halk // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

Halk Otobüsü, or “Peoples’ Bus,” is a type of vehicle. There are privately owned, city-regulated midi-buses, mini-buses, and full-size city buses. They use the same route numbers as city buses and cover many of the same routes. The same rates and payment options as for city buses apply.

6. Taxi

Taxi // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

There is always the option of taking a taxi, although it is usually far more expensive. The cost per seat is much higher and ranges from 40 to 60 TRY. Unless you use a private transfer service, which you can reserve at any time and is equally pricey but more dependable and comfortable.

7. Private/Shared Transport

Shared Transport // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

Private shuttle transfers to your hotel are highly recommended if you are a family or group traveling with a lot of luggage or children because they offer a fixed-rate, comfortable, and safe transfer that includes meet-and-greet airport pickups and luggage assistance to your hotel from the airports or vice versa.

8. Antalya Boats 

Antalya Boats // Transportation Method in Antalya Airport

The Kaleiçi Yat Liman (the old Roman harbor in Old Antalya, map) and Kemer Yat Liman (the yacht harbor at Kemer, 47 kilometers [29 miles] [1 hour] southwest of Antalya) shuttle boat services are managed by the Antalya municipal government during the summer. There are five daily departures for the 45-minute excursion from each harbor. Verify your time zone.


Payments with cards allow for fewer transfers to connecting lines. Cash payments do not, though. A few transit company locations, as well as the Antalya Otogar AntRay tram ticket kiosk, which is open every day until 19:00/7 PM, sell A-Karts. Without a photo ID, the card can be purchased and used. Money can be placed onto it at several store sites, DenizBank ATMs, and significant public transportation transfer stations (TAM).

There are offices for several large rental vehicle companies and many smaller ones. Renting a car can be helpful for tourist excursions to nearby areas, but not to get around the city.

There are numerous ways to get around Antalya to and from the airport and other tourist locations. So, you don’t have to worry about this. To improve the city’s transportation infrastructure and increase its transit network, the Antalya municipality has also announced plans to build metro lines in the Kepez, Konyaalti, Muratpaşa, Lara, and Kundu sectors of the Aksu district.

That’s all about transportation methods at Antalya Airport. Pick the one that suits your needs. Planning a holiday in Antalya? Plan your vacation by buying tickets at!


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