Top Incheon Airport Transportation to Streamline Your Trip

Being well-prepared for any journey is always a good idea to make the most of your travel experience. Therefore, having knowledge of the available Incheon Airport transportation methods before your first visit can save you time, money, and stress, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable journey.

Here, we will guide you through various transportation options available to travel to and from Incheon Airport.

Incheon Airport Transportation Methods to/from Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport Transportation Methods and Facilities

Firstly, buses connect the airport to various locations. Secondly, many hotels provide hotel shuttle services. For longer-distance travel, there are Korean Train Express (KTX) and the Airport Railroad Express (AREX).

Additionally, the airport features a Maglev Train, offering a unique and fast transit experience. If you prefer a more personalized journey, taxis and car rental services are also available within the airport.

1. Bus

Bus Incheon Transportation

At Incheon Airport, you have the convenience of using day and late-night buses for your transportation needs.

To catch an Incheon Airport bus from Terminal 1, head to the First Level, and for Terminal 2, head to the Basement Level. You can easily purchase bus tickets at the ticketing offices in the Arrival Hall of Terminal 1 or at the Transportation Center in Terminal 2.

Information about the Incheon Airport bus cost, route, and schedule can be found on the airport’s website and at the ticketing offices.

2. Hotel Shuttle Services

Hotel Shuttle Services at Incheon Airport

Staying in a hotel with a shuttle service offers significant convenience for transportation. Hotels that provide an Incheon Airport free shuttle eliminate the need to find transportation upon arrival or departure, ensuring a hassle-free journey to and from the airport.

Here is a list of hotels near Incheon Airport that offer shuttle services, either complimentary or at an additional cost, for your consideration:

  • Grand Hyatt Incheon
  • Hotel ORA
  • Golden Tulip Incheon Airport Hotel
  • Days Hotel & Suites Incheon Airport
  • Howard Johnson Incheon Airport
  • Oakwood Premier Incheon
  • Best Western Premier Incheon Airport
  • Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo
  • Orakai Songdo Park Hotel
  • Royal Emporium Hotel

Don’t forget to explore our guide on selecting the best Incheon Airport transportation and hotel!

3. Korean Train Express (KTX)

Korean Train Express KTX

The Korean Train Express (KTX) is easily accessible by train at Incheon Airport. The KTX serves five lines connecting the airport to various destinations, including:

  • Gyeongbu,
  • Gyeongjeon,
  • Donghae,
  • Honam, and
  • Jeolla.

Operating daily from 6:55 AM to 8:35 PM, the Incheon Airport Transportation train cost ranges from KRW 12,500 to 17,500, or USD 9.76 to 13.67 for adult passengers. Head to the Transportation Center at the airport to catch the train.

4. Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

Airport Railroad Express AREX

Also known as the Incheon Airport fast train, the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) offers two services: the Express Train and the All Stop Train.

The Express Train can be conveniently found at the Incheon Airport Transportation Center, with a fare of KRW 9,500 for adults.

The All Stop Train is accessible from the Transportation Center, with fares ranging from KRW 900 to 4,750 or USD 0.73 to 71 for adults. You’ll need a single journey card or a prepaid/postpaid transportation card from a convenience store or ticket vending machine for the All Stop Train.

Detailed route and schedule information can be found on AREX’s website.

5. Maglev Train

Maglev Train

The Maglev Train at Incheon Airport transportation offers a convenient and accessible transportation option. It operates between Terminal 1 and Yongyu, departing every 15 minutes, ensuring quick and efficient travel.

However, please note that the Maglev Train is currently undergoing maintenance until July 31, 2024. During this period, we recommend considering alternative transportation methods.

6. Taxi

Taxi at Incheon Airport

For Incheon Airport transportation, taxis are available at Terminal 1 (Third Level) and Terminal 2 (First Level). Travelers can choose from different taxi types, including regular deluxe and jumbo with Korean drivers or the international taxi service with English-speaking drivers.

Regular taxi fares start from KRW 60,000 or USD 46.86, while international taxis start from KRW 55,000 or USD 42.96. A night surcharge of 20% applies during late-night hours.

7. Car Rental

Car Rental

Car rental services are easily accessible from Terminal 1’s First Level and Terminal 2’s Basement Level. The two operating agencies are SK Rent-a-Car (open from 8 AM to 7 PM) and Lotte Rent-a-Car (open from 8 AM to 6 PM).

For detailed pricing and rental car bookings, you can contact SK Rent-a-Car at +82 32 743 3300 or Lotte Rent-a-Car at +82 32 743 8000.

Now that you’re familiar with Incheon Airport transportation methods, you can start planning your journey. For a smoother trip, consider booking your flights or hotels with Airpaz. We offer unbeatable deals every day for all destinations, including Seoul. Don’t miss out on the best offers for a seamless travel experience!  


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