Expert Guide to Osaka Airport Terminal: Your Top Compass

As you embark on your journey to Osaka, it’s likely you’ll land at Kansai Airport. To ensure a seamless travel experience, it is advantageous to acquaint yourself with the layout of the Osaka Airport terminal. This article exclusively provides comprehensive information about the terminals at Osaka Airport.

Osaka Airport Terminal 

An airplane taking off from Osaka Airport

The Osaka Airport Terminal extends its warm welcome to visitors from around the globe to the vibrant city of Osaka, Japan, celebrated for its lively culture and profound history. 

It is crucial to note that, despite often being referred to as a single terminal, this expansive structure is actually partitioned into three distinct sections, each dedicated to serving various airlines or services. 

Let’s explore the specific details of each Osaka Airport terminal: the North Terminal, the South Terminal, and the Central Terminal, highlighting their unique characteristics.

Osaka Airport North Terminal

Osaka Airport Terminal North

The North Terminal of Itami Airport stands as a pivotal hub for travelers, interconnecting with the Central Terminal and the South Terminal. Departures by JAC, AMX, and JAL airlines are all facilitated through this terminal.

Comprising three distinct floors, each floor at this airport serves a specific purpose. The check-in area at Osaka Airport terminal greets visitors on the first floor, where they are assisted by helpful clerks and provided with currency exchange services.

Ascending to Level 2, passengers encounter the Departures level, where efficient security screenings lead to gates 14 to 24. This area also features an array of appealing boutiques and duty-free options, offering a tapestry of engaging recreational opportunities.

Exploring Level 4, one discovers an array of captivating restaurants and luxurious lounges, inviting passengers to indulge in delectable culinary delights and unwind in sheer comfort.

Facilities and Services at Osaka Airport Terminal

The amenities and services available at Itami Airport’s North Terminal include:

  • Various dining establishments and coffee shops
  • Retail stores and Duty-Free shopping
  • Information assistance desks
  • Presence of police personnel
  • Wheelchair rental services
  • Hotel reservation assistance
  • ATMs and currency exchange
  • Baggage delivery services
  • Storage options for luggage.


Among the notable lounges in the North Terminal, the Sakura Lounge emerges as a haven of comfort and relaxation for premium travelers.

  1. The exquisite ANA Suite Lounge by All Nippon Airways extends a warm welcome from 06:00 a.m. until the last departure, offering a range of delightful amenities. Enjoy delectable refreshments, free Wi-Fi access, a variety of engaging newspapers and periodicals, along with an enticing selection of beers and wines.
  2. The ANA Lounge, operational from 06:00 a.m. until the final departure, presents its own splendid offerings. Indulge in delicious snacks, enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, savor refreshing beverages, and make use of the convenience of provided printers and copiers. 

Osaka Airport South Terminal

Osaka Airport South Terminal

The Itami Airport South Terminal is positioned between the Central Block and the North Terminal. This terminal serves prestigious airlines, including ANA and IBEX. Comprising three levels, this terminal offers distinct experiences on each level..

Level 1 houses a captivating check-in area with various services, while Level 2 presents an enchanting airside space with gates, shops, and amenities. Level 4 unveils a delightful food court. In this mesmerizing dance of elegance, charm, and convenience, travelers forge unforgettable memories.

Facilities and Services

The amenities and services at the south part of the Osaka Airport terminal closely mirror those of the North Terminal. These include restaurants and cafés, shops, duty-free outlets, information counters, police assistance, wheelchair rentals, hotel reservation services, ATMs, currency exchange services, baggage delivery, baggage storage, a post office, and a dental clinic.


Two enchanting lounges at Osaka Airport Terminal elevate the travel experience to new heights. 

  1. The All Nippon Airways ANA Suite Lounge, accessible from 06:00 AM until the final departure, offers indulgence with snacks, Wi-Fi, newspapers, and a curated selection of beverages. 
  2. The ANA Lounge, welcoming visitors from 06:00 AM until the last departure, provides comfort with snacks, Wi-Fi, and refreshing drinks. It also caters to business travelers with the provision of printers and copiers.

Osaka Airport Central Terminal

Osaka Airport Central Terminal

Itami Airport Central Terminal, also known as the Central Block, functions as the arrivals area for both the North and South Terminals. This terminal comprises five floors, each serving distinct purposes:

  1. Level 1: This floor grants access to transportation options, baggage claim, and the arrivals area.
  2. Level 2: Here, you can access Parking, Monorail services, lockers, information booths, as well as shops and cafes.
  3. Level 3: This level houses the hotel and several other facilities. Additionally, AEDs are distributed on this floor for safety measures.
  4. Levels 4 and 5: These floors are dedicated to Observation Decks, offering splendid views of the airport’s surroundings.

Facilities and Services

The Central Terminal provides amenities akin to those found in the North and South Terminals: restaurants and cafés, shops and duty-free outlets, information counters, police services, wheelchair rentals, hotel reservations, ATMs and currency exchange, baggage delivery, baggage storage, a post office, and even a dental clinic.


Lounge Osaka extends its services from 06:30 AM to 8:00 PM. The amenities provided include Wi-Fi, newspapers, internet terminals, and a designated smoking area.

That concludes the explanation about the Osaka Airport terminal. If you are considering booking tickets, the optimal choice is to exclusively utilize Airpaz. We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!


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