Ready to Have a Smooth Journey at Surabaya Airport Terminal?

Surabaya Airport, a vibrant transportation hub in Indonesia, serves millions of travelers each year. To assist you in maximizing your time at the airport, we have prepared a concise guide to the Surabaya Airport terminals. This guide highlights the services, facilities, and airlines at your disposal. 

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, read ahead to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Surabaya Airport Terminals

Surabaya Airport Terminals

Currently, Surabaya Airport is comprised of two terminals. Terminal 1, inaugurated in October 2006, is a newly constructed three-story building with a total area of 51,500 square meters. 

It was designed to accommodate up to eight million passengers annually and incorporates traditional Sumba and Java-Malay architectural elements in its distinctive high-hat roofs.

On the other hand, Terminal 2 was established on February 14, 2014, following the demolition of the old terminal. Its contemporary architecture showcases curved designs that differentiate it from Terminal 1. Terminal 2 occupies an area of 49,500 square meters.

Excitingly, there is even more good news – a state-of-the-art Terminal 3 is currently under construction, promising enhanced facilities and services in the near future.

Surabaya Airport Terminal 1

Surabaya Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 serves as the designated terminal for all domestic flights except those operated by Garuda Indonesia and Indonesia AirAsia. 

Facilities & Services

Facilities and Services at Surabaya Airport Terminal 1:

  1. Check-in Counters: Outfitted with modern technology to streamline flight check-ins efficiently.
  2. Baggage Claim: A dedicated area designed for the effortless retrieval of checked luggage.
  3. Restaurants and Cafes: Offering a range of cuisines to cater to diverse preferences.
  4. Duty-Free Shops: Tax-free retail opportunities for cosmetics, electronics, and souvenirs.
  5. ATMs and Currency Exchange: Convenient access to financial services.
  6. Medical Services: Equipped with emergency facilities and first-aid assistance on standby.
  7. Lounges: Exclusive spaces equipped with Wi-Fi and refreshments for premium passengers.
  8. Wi-Fi Access: Complimentary internet connection to keep travelers connected.
  9. Prayer Rooms: Designated areas for quiet reflection and prayer.
  10. Information Desks: Staffed desks to aid travelers with inquiries and guidance.

Overall, Surabaya Airport Terminal 1 ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience by providing various facilities and services to meet diverse needs.


For travelers seeking a moment of tranquility before their flight, Terminal 1 houses premium lounges. These lounges offer comfortable seating, complimentary Wi-Fi, and refreshments, providing a perfect retreat from the bustling airport atmosphere.

Here are some of the lounges in Terminal 1:

  1. Trowulan Executive Lounge is situated on the second level of the Domestic Terminal, between Gates 10 and 11. It operates from 04:00 AM to 09:00 PM and offers a number of amenities, including snacks, TV, Wi-Fi, a selection of food, access to newspapers and magazines, flight monitors, and a designated smoking area, among other services.
  2. Singosari Lounge is also located within the Domestic Terminal and remains open from the first departure until the last departure of flights. The lounge provides snacks, a designated children’s area, various food options, and access to newspapers and magazines.

Surabaya Airport Terminal 2

Surabaya Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is designated for all international flights, as well as domestic and international flights operated by Garuda Indonesia and Indonesia AirAsia. Several prominent airlines, including Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates, operate from this terminal. With an emphasis on efficiency and passenger comfort, Terminal 2 ensures a delightful travel experience.

Facilities & Services

Terminal 2 at Surabaya Airport provides a comprehensive range of facilities and services to enhance the travel experience:

  1. Check-in Counters: Modern and efficient check-in process.
  2. Baggage Claim: A dedicated area for luggage collection.
  3. Restaurants and Cafes: Varied dining options available.
  4. Duty-Free Shops: Tax-free shopping for items like perfumes and cosmetics.
  5. ATMs and Currency Exchange: Convenient financial services.
  6. Medical Services: Emergency facilities and first-aid assistance.
  7. Lounges: Relaxing spaces tailored for premium passengers.
  8. Wi-Fi Access: Complimentary internet connection.
  9. Prayer Rooms: Dedicated spaces for quiet reflection.
  10. Information Desks: Staffed desks offering guidance and assistance.
  11. Children’s Play Area: Fun play zone for kids.
  12. Baby Care Facilities: Amenities catering to traveling families.
  13. Smoking Areas: Designated zones for smokers.


Here are several lounges within Surabaya Airport Terminal 2, thoughtfully provided for your convenience:

  1. Concordia Blue Sky Premium Lounge: Open from 04:00 AM to 09:00 PM, offering amenities such as Wi-Fi, showers, food, and more.
  2. Concordia Premier Lounge: Open from 04:00 AM to 09:00 PM, providing printers, copiers, a prayer room, food, and more (conference room available at IDR 500,000/USD 33 for 2 hours).
  3. Garuda Indonesia Executive Lounge: Accessible from the first to the last departure, offering showers, Wi-Fi, a children’s area, and more.

These premium lounges aim to provide a pleasant and tranquil environment, enhancing the travel experience for eligible passengers departing from Terminal 2.

Inter-terminal Transfers

Inter-terminal Transfers bus

Surabaya Airport terminal offers efficient inter-terminal transfers to ensure your journey between terminals is convenient. 

Here is some general information about the inter-terminal transfer service at Surabaya Airport:

  • Shuttle Bus Schedule: The shuttle bus operates regularly at Surabaya Airport terminal, typically running at frequent intervals throughout the day. The exact schedule may vary, so it is advisable to check the current timetable with the airport or relevant authorities.
  • Location: The shuttle bus stops are usually located near the exit areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Clear signage and airport staff are available to guide passengers to the designated shuttle pick-up and drop-off points.
  • Duration: The travel time between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 via the shuttle bus is relatively short, usually taking only a few minutes.
  • Accessibility: The shuttle service is open to all passengers, regardless of airline or ticket class. The airport provides this free service to facilitate smooth inter-terminal transfers.

The upcoming Terminal 3 will further enhance connectivity, making it even easier for travelers to navigate the airport.

In conclusion, Surabaya Airport stands as a testament to Indonesia’s commitment to providing world-class travel facilities. As you explore the airport’s terminals, you will encounter many amenities and services designed to elevate your travel experience. 

Whether arriving, departing, or transiting, the Surabaya Airport terminals ensure your journey is seamless and enjoyable. Book your flight tickets on Airpaz and embark on a fantastic trip!


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