The Facts About Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Visiting Eiffel tower probably has become everyone’s childhood dream. La Tour Eiffel, which you can find in Paris, has never run out of visitors. What else do you know about this tower? Nothing else? Lucky you, this article will be perfect for you as we’ll reveal facts about this ‘megastar’ monument.

6 Unique Facts About the Eiffel Tower That Will Make You Go: Is That True?

Eiffel tower
Eiffel Tower, France

Guess we should warn you that these facts stated here will make you want to book that flight to France as soon as possible. Because we guarantee that all facts stated here will make you curious.

The Power That ‘Moves’ the Gigantic Monument

The Power
Eiffel Tower from Aerial View

Let’s reveal the first fact with a shocking one: Eiffel tower moves. Well, it is sure that it won’t move so free like how late Michael Jackson danced. The movement may happen when the weather is bad; like, strong wind, for example.

We bet you will imagine how the tower’s top shakes due to the wind. Well, not only wind that makes the monument goes shaky-shaky. Scorching sun and subzero winter may trigger Eiffel tower to expand and shrink—even up to 7 inches!

So, does it mean the tower is smaller during winter? It seems so, but no one knows and measures it so diligent like that.

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The Secret Bunker Beneath the Tower

Down into bunker
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If you haven’t been to Eiffel tower, probably you haven’t heard about the bunker beneath this prominent landmark.

It’s now disclosed to public that you will find a bunker underneath the tower’s south pillar. However, don’t expect that you will find a gigantic bunker there. Its diminutive space may connect you to the proximate Ecole Militaire. Now, it has been turned as a small museum that you can visit in a group.

60 Tons of Paint for the Iron Lady

60 pounds paint

Since the Eiffel tower is not made from plastic but iron, it has to be painted and repainted regularly to prevent rust. In fact, Eiffel tower repainting is carried out every 7 years.

What’s special is that the total paint required to cover the tower is 60 tons! It will not only to keep the tower away from rusting, but the iron lady will also look better with its ‘makeup’ on.

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Post Office Inside the Tower?

Eiffel post office
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If you think Eiffel tower is a tower with a hollow structure like a pipe, you’re wrong. In fact, there are several floors that you can find inside the establishment: The Esplanade, 1st floor, 2nd floor, the top a.k.a the peak of the Eiffel tower.

The post office may not be that interesting to visit when visiting the landmark. But if you love the classic way to say hello to your folks through the home-front mailbox, you sure will love the idea of sending postcards from Eiffel. Just say “Une carte postale, s’il vous plait”, and the French post office workers will be glad to help you.

Private ‘Apartment’ of Gustave Eiffel

Gustave Eiffel apartement
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As the designer of the tower, Gustave Eiffel seemed to know that it’d be a great idea to sleep at the top of the tower. That’s why he included this apartment for himself and to host renowned guests. One of them was Thomas Edison.

More than a century after, the visitors can get a chance to see the apartment. But of course, you won’t be able to take that as your option for accommodation. The only option is to have it open for public to tour.

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Reward Yourself With a Glass of Champagne on Top of the Tower

Champagne bar
You’ll find the Champagne Bar at the top floor of Torre Eiffel

Aside from the aforementioned Eiffel tower facts you have read earlier, you should know that not all people are brave enough to reach another stage of the tower. You know, the tower is 300 meters tall—and that makes some people dizzy just to hear the number. Let alone looking at its surrounding from the altitude of 276 m (this is the altitude of the top floor).

But French knows how to make this more challenging. On the uppermost floor of Torre Eiffel, you will find a champagne bar waiting to offer you sips of drinks.

So, if you think making yourself climb the tower needs an intense effort (due to one’s fear of high, mostly), it won’t hurt to sip a glass of champagne as you reach the Champagne Bar.

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