Vancouver Airport Transportation Guide: The Insider’s Choice

After arriving at Vancouver International Airport, you will need to decide which transportation option to use to reach your hotel or other destinations in the city. To save time, it is advisable to consider Vancouver Airport transportation when planning your trip.

A summary of some Vancouver airport transport alternatives is provided in the review below.

Vancouver Airport Transportation

Vancouver Airport Transportation

The airport has collaborated with numerous public transportation companies that can facilitate a quicker, safer, and more comfortable journey to your destination.

This cooperative approach aims to assist passengers, particularly those arriving from abroad, in avoiding the potential for fraud from unscrupulous individuals outside the airport premises. Therefore, ensure that you exclusively utilize vehicles that are officially registered for this purpose of Vancouver Airport transportation.

Vancouver Airport transportation offers a range of options, spanning from public transportation to more private modes of conveyance.

Transportation to/from Vancouver Airport

Currently, there are at least six options for the best way to get from Vancouver Airport to downtown and its surrounding areas, namely:

1. Skytrain

Skytrain Vancouver airport

Vancouver Airport transportation – Skytrain on the Canada Line is among the most popular forms of public transportation for traveling between downtown Vancouver and the airport, and vice versa.

Its popularity is well-founded, as this Skytrain offers passengers clean, fast, economical, and comfortable facilities.

The Canada Line can be found on the 4th floor of Terminal M (Main Terminal). If you are arriving at Domestic Arrivals, head towards the International Terminal.

There is a link building connecting the two terminals. Once there, locate the elevator with a sign displaying “Canada Line.”

If you are arriving at the International Terminal, you have two options: either use the link building to reach the fourth floor or walk to the outer area of the terminal and proceed toward the station. You can find the best Vancouver Airport transportation there.

The Canada Line operates from 05:08 AM to 12:57 AM. Tickets can be purchased either from the ticket machines or through the transfer method. The ticket prices are approximately CAD 11.93 or 9 USD for a two-zone ticket, CAD 5.30 or USD 4 for a two-zone ticket, and CAD 6.63 or USD 5 for the YVR AddFare.

Find out more about Skytrain information here 

2. Taxi

Vancouver Airport Taxi

Vancouver airport taxis are located at the exit doors of both the Domestic and International Terminals, operating around the clock, 24 hours a day. There’s no need to be concerned about inflated taxi fares, as a fixed fare meter system is in place.

Typically, taxi fares from Vancouver Airport to downtown range from CAD 33.38 to 40.06 or USD 25 to 30, with a travel time of approximately 30 minutes. Reservations can be secured in person or through the website of one of the taxi providers, namely “Bony’s Taxi“. 

3. Shuttle Bus

Vancouver airport shuttle bus

Vancouver Airport offers a complimentary shuttle bus service for passengers traveling between Terminal M and the South Terminal. This shuttle can be boarded from the exterior Departure area of both the International and Domestic Terminals.

Numerous hotel shuttle buses are available, offering their services either free of charge or for a fee. To obtain details regarding hotel shuttle bus fares and services, feel free to reach out to the designated contact person at your hotel.

4. Ride App Services as the Most Popular Vancouver Airport Transportation

Ride App Services at Vancouver airport

If you utilize ride app services, simply use the app to reserve your ride. Who knows, you might even secure a special discount, right?

Three ride-app services are in collaboration with Vancouver Airport. For precise fare estimates for your ride, you can follow the links provided for each service.

The three ride app services have designated pick-up points: the South Terminal, level 2 at Domestic Arrivals, and level 2 at International Arrivals.

5. Limousine

Limousine driver at Vancouver airport

If you are traveling for business or need to visit a prestigious destination, consider opting for a limousine service.

Utilizing a limousine can indirectly provide you with a sense of luxury and style, ensuring that your interactions with clients remain seamless.

Similar to other public transportation, the limousine pick-up area is located at the exit doors of the arrivals area in both the Domestic and International Terminals. The average fare for this service is approximately CAD 159.01 or USD 120, excluding gratuity for the driver.

A few limousine service providers you might consider are Timelimo, Limo Vancouver, and KJ Limousine. To obtain comprehensive pricing details and information about payment methods, it is recommended to directly contact each service provider.

6. Car Rental

Ccar Rental at Vancouver Airport

You can access car rental services on the ground floor near the airport parking area by walking.

This option is ideal for individuals who prefer the flexibility of self-driving within the Vancouver Airport transportation around the area while on their journey, especially for a few days.

In addition to offering standard car rentals, these services can accommodate requests for vehicles suitable for wheelchair users, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.

Several car rental services available include Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Dollar, Budget, Enterprise, and National.

To obtain information regarding rates and regulations for using their car rentals, it is recommended to directly contact each provider.

All of the mentioned Vancouver Airport transportation choices offer distinct advantages, so you can tailor your selection to your specific requirements. When it comes to booking flights and hotels, consider using Airpaz – a fast and easy option! 


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