Top 5 Surabaya Airport Hotels: The Best Place to Recharge

Discovering the perfect accommodation while traveling can significantly influence your overall experience. Opting for Surabaya airport hotels can provide the utmost convenience for travelers transiting through or exploring Surabaya, the bustling gateway to Indonesia‘s East Java province. 

In this article, we will highlight the finest airport hotels in the vicinity. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Surabaya Airport Hotels 

Surabaya Airport Hotels 

Hotels near Surabaya Airport offer convenient access to the terminals and boast top-notch amenities that guarantee a relaxing and delightful stay. Let us explore the top hotels near Surabaya Airport, each providing a unique blend of convenience, comfort, and exceptional services to ensure your journey to Surabaya is unforgettable.

Staying at Hotels Near Surabaya Airport

Hotels Near Surabaya Airport

Opting for a hotel situated near the airport not only offers convenient travel but also preserves valuable time and energy. These premier hotels near Surabaya Airport provide a range of amenities tailored to your preferences and requirements, all while being conveniently situated in close proximity to the airport.

1. Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport: Modern Comfort on a Budget

Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport

The Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport offers contemporary rooms equipped with all the conveniences necessary for a comfortable stay. Situated in Terminal 1, it’s just a short distance from the airport (less than 1 kilometer). 

The hotel’s emphasis on affordability does not compromise on luxury, as guests can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, plush bedding, and invigorating showers. 

A hearty breakfast is also included in the accommodation fee, which is approximately IDR 300,000 or USD 20, ensuring a good start to your day. Ibis Budget provides everything you need without straining your budget, whether you’re on a brief stay or a layover.

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2. Swiss-Belinn Airport Surabaya: Where Luxury Meets Convenience

Swiss-Belinn Airport Surabaya

Surabaya Airport Hotels offers a strategic location near Surabaya Airport Terminal 2, merely a 5-minute drive away. Those in search of luxury and relaxation will discover it at Swiss-Belinn Airport Surabaya. 

For unwinding after a lengthy journey or preparing for your next adventure, the hotel features an outdoor pool and a well-equipped fitness facility. 

The hotel’s allure is further enhanced by the convenience of a 24-hour reception and a complimentary airport shuttle service. It is a favored choice among travelers seeking a blend of convenience and indulgence, offering a comfortable night’s stay and a delightful breakfast for an estimated IDR 600,000 or USD 40. 

Hotel Swiss Belinn Surabaya


8.6 Excellent (416 Reviews)

Jalan Raya Juanda KM 1,88, Gedangan, Sidoarjo, East-Java – Indonesia Surabaya 61254

3. Livinn Juanda Airport Surabaya: Modern Elegance and Spectacular Views

Livinn Juanda Airport Surabaya

Livinn Juanda Airport Surabaya provides contemporary lodgings with stunning city views and is conveniently situated around 3 kilometers from the airport. The hotel presents an array of amenities, ensuring guests have access to everything they need, including a restaurant, fitness center, and soothing massage services. 

A delectable breakfast is included in the estimated rate of IDR 400,000 or USD 27, enhancing the overall value of your stay. Whether you are a busy executive or a leisure traveler, Surabaya Airport Hotels guarantees a delightful and rejuvenating experience.

Hotel Livinn Juanda Surabaya

Livinn Juanda

7.2 Very Good (27 Reviews)

Jl. Raya Bandara Juanda, Ruko Surya Inti Permata BlK A No 1B Sidoarjo 91253

4. Halogen Hotel: One of the Best Surabaya Airport Hotels

Halogen Hotel Juanda

Halogen Hotel, situated just 4 kilometers from the airport, extends a warm haven to its guests with modern amenities. The hotel’s rooftop terrace and restaurant offer a serene dining ambiance, allowing you to savor delightful cuisine while soaking in the sweeping views of the surrounding area.  

Halogen Hotel ensures a refreshed and invigorated start to your day with an estimated rate of IDR 450,000 or USD 30, which includes a sumptuous breakfast. Whether you’re traveling with family or on a solitary getaway, Halogen Hotel is one of Surabaya Airport Hotels that provides comfortable accommodation near the airport without compromising on quality. 

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5. My Studio Hotel Juanda Airport: Style and Convenience Combined

My Studio Hotel Juanda Airport

My Studio Hotel Juanda Airport, situated only 5 kilometers from the airport, captivates guests with its stylish guestrooms and appealing rooftop garden. Your stay in Surabaya is set to be both enjoyable and stress-free, thanks to the hotel’s unique blend of comfort and convenience. My Studio Hotel offers everything you need, whether you’re seeking relaxation at the coffee shop or easy exploration of nearby attractions. 

This hotel is a superb choice for individuals in search of luxury, comfort, and accessibility, with rates around IDR 550,000 or USD 37, inclusive of a delightful breakfast.

In conclusion, opting for Surabaya Airport Hotels during your stay in Surabaya presents numerous advantages, including easy terminal access and a variety of top-notch amenities. 

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The hotels mentioned in this guide—Halogen Hotel, Swiss-Belinn Airport Surabaya, Livinn Juanda Airport Surabaya, Ibis Budget Surabaya Airport, and My Studio Hotel Juanda Airport—all offer a unique experience tailored to various preferences and budgets.

These hotels provide ideal accommodation options whether you are on a layover or planning an extended stay in Surabaya. Consider your needs and budget carefully. 

Book your hotel now on Airpaz and enjoy a seamless and delightful experience at one of these Surabaya Airport hotels. Have a wonderful vacation!


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