Some of The Best Islands in The World and Their Signature Appeal

You will never run out of options for your travelling destinations. Not only domestic locations, but some of the international locations are known for their beauty, natural attractions, friendliness, activities, and food. Knowing the best islands in the world can give you insight and knowledge of planning your next trip. These islands have made it to the list although we are going to discuss it randomly.

List Some The Best Islands In The World and Signature Appeal

1. Greece

best islands in the world - Greece

Let’s face it; the hilly geographical spot, the culture, the weather, and the atmosphere are different. Greece consists of many small islands and most of them are naturally gorgeous. The exquisite food is just exotic and marvellous. The ancient culture is breathtaking. You will see that the islands can bring in the new perspective of the world – colours seem different. They are more vivid and bright.

It is no wonder if Santorini has always been included in the world’s best islands – from year to year. But in the2019’s list, other islands have joined Santorini. There are volcanic Milos, beautiful Páros, and Crete with its olive-grove. If you want to explore Greece, it would be a good idea to visit all of these islands.

2. Anguilla


It is located in the Caribbean. Besides the beautiful location and amazing beaches, the place is also known for the friendliest residents. If you come to the place, the surroundings and the atmosphere scream ‘holiday’. Something is refreshing and relaxing about the entire scene. The buildings have a unique construction. The marine theme is very thick and you love it there!

3. Bali

Bali, One Of The Most Visited Places In Indonesia

As one of the islands in Indonesia, Bali has a unique mix of traditional culture and the modern lifestyle. You can find amazing resorts and modern shopping malls on the island. But you can also find the rich traditional culture and religious activities. Don’t forget that the beaches in Bali are amazing – although some can be crowded and full of people. Finding places to do water sports is easy and many operators can help you with the management and the trip.

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4. Milos


I specifically talk about Milos because of the unique combinations of signature activities and elements – found only on the island. There are several reasons to visit the island, such as the amazing beaches and exotic food. There are70 beaches on the island so you can have an easy pick. Here is a tip: ask the locals about the weather pattern and they can point you in the right direction.

You can also visit Klima Village, known as the rainbow-coloured village. Besides the unique housing construction, each house has a different door’s colour too. Another signature appeal of the island is the fact that you can catch the sunset. Santorini may be the best place to see the sunset but its popularity has been slowly replaced by Milos. You can go to Plaka and catch the sunset at Panagia tis Korfiatissas church. You can also see the sunset at Utopia Bar.

5. Palawan


This island in the Philippines has tons of interesting spots and attractions. The beaches are just amazing and breathtaking with white sandy beaches and clear blue water. There are also tons of resorts with their amazing features and facilities. You can find resorts for honeymooners or families. In short, you can find almost anything in the place.

6. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

It is situated in the southern area of India. Among the major attractions to find there are the marine national parks and the breathtaking coastline. You can also find wildlife parks, tea plantations, and also luxurious lodgings. Because of these elements, Sri Lanka is called Indian Ocean’s pearl.

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Sounds like an amazing list, eh? If you want to know the complete list, read T+L and find out about more places to visit. If you want to manage your trip, go to Airpaz to make reservations and choose the right air carriers.

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