Top 4 Hotels Near Manila Airport to Ease Your Travel Fatigue

Are you planning to visit Manila, Philippines? If yes, then this guide is just perfect for you. You will arrive at Manila Airport when you are about to have a holiday in Manila by plane. Sometimes you may arrive late at midnight or wait for a layover. That is why it is best to get familiar with Hotels Near Manila Airport .

There is a wide variety of hotels, from a simple single room to a five-star one. Moreover, you can also find a hotel located inside the airport for your convenience.

Manila Airport Hotels

Hotels Near Manila Airport - Manila Airport Hotels
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As an international airport, NAIA or Manila airport has heavy daily traffic. That is why you can choose a hotel near the airport. It is a great option, especially when you arrive at the airport at midnight or too early in the morning. If you are worried about not finding a place to stay after your arrival, you need to get familiar with the hotel around the airport.

The Manila Airport Hotel is the only hotel available inside the airport. Its location is terminal 1. It offers minimalist but spacious rooms for passengers to rest and take a nap. Not only is it spacious despite being an airport hotel, but it also serves some services and facilities. Some of the facilities are air-conditioned rooms, a free internet connection, a swimming pool, and an airport shuttle.

Consider the distance when choosing Manila Airport Hotel. It is only within walking distance, especially if you arrive at terminal 1. Moreover, it is also only 15 minutes from terminal 3. However, it is only a two-star hotel, so you do not expect it to have as much service as a five-star hotel. The room’s rate is around 9500 PHP or 170 USD  a night.

It is convenient if you do not want to bother booking outside the airport. However, if you have time to look up another hotel, you will find various hotels near NAIA airport.

Another option to stay near the airport is by staying at the hotel outside the area but still close enough to the terminal.

Here is the list of Manila airport hotels nearby and the facilities provided.

Hotels Near Manila Airport

1. NomadsMNL Backpacker

Hotels Near Manila Airport - NomadsMNL Backpacker
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NomadsMNL Backpacker is a homestay designed for backpackers with light luggage. In addition, it also offers an affordable room rate for a night. It has a clean and minimalist design where you can choose a bunk bed. The bunk bed is inside a room for seven more bunk beds.

Therefore, there are a total of eight beds in a dormitory room. If you are not into sharing beds, they also offer a single room with one twin bed to rest. Hence, you do not need to worry about not having any privacy here.

As for the facilities, you can find free internet service, a shared lounge with television, storage, a hair dryer, and a shared kitchen. The homestay is cozy and comfortable for those who want an affordable one-night stay. The room’s rate is quite cheap, at only 670 TO 1100 PHP or 12 – 20 USD a night.

2. Lourdes Inn

Hotels Near Manila Airport - Lourdes Inn Unsplash
Lourdes Inn / Unsplash

Lourdes Inn is a hotel near NAIA airport with one of the highest ratings on the internet. The concept itself is more like a studio room. In addition, you will find the design is rather basic. However, what makes Manila airport hotel facilities special is that the price you get is a value deal. You can get room service, breakfast, a 24-hour front desk, toiletries, and free parking.

All of these facilities only need 1100 – 1700 PHP or 20-30 USD a night. The distance is also relatively close to the airport, with a distance of only around 800 meters. Thus, it is a good deal for you looking for an affordable stay-in near Manila airport.

3. RedDoorz near NAIA Terminal 1

Hotels Near Manila Airport - RedDoorz near NAIA Terminal 1 Unsplash
RedDoorz near NAIA Terminal 1 / Unsplash

Another affordable hotel in Manila airport is RedDoorz NAIA Terminal 1. As the name suggests, it is near terminal 1 with a distance of only around 700 meters. In addition, you will get a clean double-bed room complete with amenities. You will get free toiletries and mineral water as a welcome drink for your stay.

Other facilities in the RedDoorz are flat-screen television, a non-smoking room, an internet connection, breakfast, and a 24-hour receptionist desk. You can stay a night here with a room rate of only 1400 to 2300 PHP or 25 to 41 USD.

So, those are the recommendations for Manila Airport hotel, along with their price ranges. Now you have more choices of where to stay during your visit to Manila. You can also adjust it according to your budget. To find an affordable hotel and ticket, you can book at Airpaz. It is the only trusted ticketing service. Book your hotel now.


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