Bali Airport Transportations for Your Vacation

Ngurah Rai Bali airport is one of the international airports in Indonesia. It serves to facilitate both domestic and international flights. The reason is due to high interest in Bali’s attractions. If you are a tourist and plan to visit Bali, you will need to know Bali Airport transportations to get by as you arrive at the airport.

There are mainly two modes of transportation. The first is public transportation and the other one is private. To get to know about the transportation mode in Bali airport, let’s see the explanation below.

Bali Airport Transportation Methods

Here are two types of transportation methods you can get by airports:

Getting to and from Bali airport is accessible through public transportation. There are some public modes that you can try.

1. Public Bus

Public Bus
Public Bus / unsplash

The first transportation mode you can use is going by bus. The bus is mainly from Damri. Moreover, the bus fare is also cheap, it costs less than 2 dollars to have one trip from the airport to your destination. However, you need to know the schedule as well as the route since each bus has its own time for arrival and departure.

The bus has two main routes:

  • Destination: Singaraja

Pick up point: Ngurah Rai airport

The route is through Ubud to Kintamani

  • Destination: Karangasem (Amed)

Pick up point: Ngurah Rai airport

The route is through Ubud and Karangasem

In this bus, you will get facilities such as: air-conditioned bus, power plug, online booking, window shade.

The pros of getting by bus is you can stop anywhere. It does not have a stop so if you pass a Damri bus, you can raise your hand to stop it. For a more complete route:

2. Online Transportation

Online Transportation
Online Transportation / Unsplash

The next Bali airport public transportation you can use to try to reach your destination is by using online transportation. Bali airport specifically provides an online transportation lounge. The lounge is an online transportation provider where you can book a ride from an application or directly go to an online transportation driver who wears the specific online motorbike jacket.

The facilities you get:

 Book a bike ride: helmet, insurance, safety-check

Book a car ride: air-conditioned car, safety-check, insurance.

 In order to know the fee, you will need to install the online application, fill up your destination and choose the type of the ride. In addition, there are mainly two types of ride: Car rides and bike rides. Bike ride is usually cheaper than a car one.

Moreover, the fee is relatively cheap from 1 to 4 dollars depending on the destination.

3. Taxi

Taxis Pixabay
Taxis / Pixabay

Another public transportation you can try is taxi. The taxi is available both for offline and online booking. In addition, you will be able to ride a toll-free route. Therefore, a passenger can reach the destination without having to pass the toll.

Facilities: taxi meter, air-conditioned car, safety-check, toll-free for some taxis.

As for the Bali Airport taxi fare, the price ranges from 3 to 8 USD for toll-free taxi and around 9 to 12 USD for regular taxi.

Either by bus, online transportation, or taxi, make sure you know how to book one. Furthermore, you may need to adjust the time and the convenience you prefer.

The second type of transportation is the private one. What differs from Bali Airport private transportation to public one is, the passengers can adjust the destination and go to more than one place. You will have two options of private rides.

4. Car Rental

Rent a Car
Rent a Car / Pixabay

To rent a car, you can book a day before your trip.

Also, if you have hired a driver, you can ask him to pick you up at the airport. Any other facilities you will get if you choose to rent a car is:

  • Luggage pickup and storage
  • Passengers up to 4-5 people
  • Free wifi connection
  • Air+conditioned car
  • Adjustable meeting point

How to order private rented car:

Rented cars are now available online, you can book 24 hours before your arrival in the airport. Here is how to order one:

  • Visit the website of the rental service you will use
  • Choose the date you will rent the car
  • Select the car based on your need
  • Pay and book your rent

The service will call you once the booking process is successful.

5. Motorbike Rental

Motorbike Rental
Motorbike Rental / Unsplash

If you are a solo traveler and want to enjoy a more care-free trip in Bali, you can rent a Motorbike/motorcycle. As it is more affordable than the car one, it is only recommended for those who do not carry much luggage for Bali airport transfer. If you want to know more about how to rent a motorbike in Bali, you can ask the local people.

After knowing the type of Bali Airport transportations, now you can book a flight directly by visiting Airpaz. Not only can you book a flight ticket, you will also see a lot of information to help you enjoy your vacation.


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