All About Bali Airport Ngurah Rai You Should Know

Bali Airport is the International Ngurah Rai Airport. It is the biggest airport in Bali. It is to accommodate the surge of tourists who are so excited to enjoy a holiday in Bali. Ngurah Rai airport is only 13 km away from the capital city of Denpasar.

Moreover, this airport is also the second busiest airport after Soekarno-Hatta airport. With its international standard, Ngurah Rai is designed to facilitate both domestic and foreign tourists. 

If you are a tourist and still unfamiliar with this airport, here is a simple explanation of each part of the airport.

About Bali Airport

The International airport of Ngurah Rai Bali has two main buildings. The first is the domestic terminal building. It is a refurbished building that has been modified into a distinct terminal. Second, the International airport is a newer terminal in Bali since 2016. It is to accommodate foreign tourists from around the world. Each terminal usually has its own infrastructure.

To meet the international standard, Ngurah Rai provides 62 check-in counters and great facilities to offer. Moreover, its building design has an ethnic touch that makes it look unique.

Bali Airport Terminals

Bali Airport Terminals
Bali Airport Terminals / Unsplash

Bali Airport has two main terminals interconnected by Festival Plaza. The terminals are:

  • Domestic Terminal

Bali airport domestic terminal is located in the Southeast of the international one. In addition, the building was renovated in 2016 to rejuvenate its function.

As for the function, the domestic terminal is specifically for domestic passengers. It means Indonesian passengers will arrive and depart from this terminal. Moreover, the terminal has four levels that provide different functions as for the arrival gate.

  • International Airport

The next terminal is the international terminal. The terminal is close to the domestic one but with a particularly distinctive Balinese architecture. It is most likely to give a favorable first impression on foreign tourists. It is located on the northwest of the domestic terminal. Built for international flights, it is equipped with 10 gates and 3 levels.

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Bali Airport Hotels

Bali Airport Hotels
Bali Airport Hotels / Unspalsh

The international airport of Ngurah Rai has various hotels to offer. The hotel mainly has two zones. 

The first is the inside zone, where the hotel is located within the airport terminals. 

  • Novotel Bali Airport

A hotel inside the airport is convenient since you will only need to walk to reach the hotel. An example of an inside hotel is the Novotel hotel. Moreover, it is usually suitable for those who just want to have a sleepover until the next flight.

The second zone is the one outside the airport. They are usually near the airport and just a few meters/kilometers from the terminal. 

  • Hilton Garden Hotel

Hotel near Bali airport is rather cheap compared to the one inside the terminal. Furthermore, they usually also offer free rides from and to the airport. You will also have more options if it is a hotel near the airport. An example of a hotel nearby the airport is Hilton Garden Hotel.

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airpaz hotel EN FIXX 33

Bali Airport Transportations

Bali Airport Transportations

Unlike other international airports, the distance between the two terminals is relatively near. You can reach the other terminal by walking from Festival Plaza. Thus, you do not need to worry if you need to go to a different terminal.

As for transportation outside of the airport, there are mainly three choices of mode. First, there is a counter specifically for booking a taxi. The taxi fare will depend on the distance and route. 

Second, you can go to your next destination in Bali by booking Grab Car or Grab Bike. There is a special stall for it. In addition, there is also an option to go by public bus like Damri.

The cost for Bali airport public transportation is relatively cheap only, less than 1 USD. If you are looking for a more private ride, you can also rent a car.

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Bali Airport Duty-Free

Bali Airport Duty-Free
Bali Airport Duty-Free / dfs

Are you having a layover on your flight and need to wait for the next flight transfer? If yes, you can kill time by visiting the duty-free shop at Ngurah Rai airport. The shop provides a wide variety of products. It ranges from souvenirs, foods, cosmetics, and apparel.

The Bali duty-free shop offers products with no additional fee. Thus, you will not be charged tax for your purchase. As for the location, you can find the shop at the Arrivals gate, where passengers can see the huge section directly.

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How to Get Bali Visa on Arrival

You can stay in Bali only by Visa on arrival. However, it is limited, and you will need to upgrade your Visa. To get a Visa on arrival, you can sign up at to apply for a Visa. In addition, it is valid for 30 days and for recreational and educational purposes only.

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Bali is a wonderful city to visit. Moreover, its Bali Airport supports international standards. Suppose you want to feel Bali’s atmosphere. If you want to book a flight to Bali for your next vacation, you can go to Airpaz. It offers a better-quality booking process.


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