Get to Know Abu Dhabi Airport Terminals: 1 to 3

As the main international airport serving the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Airport Terminals is very important. The terminal is very important to make it easier for passengers so everything is clear.

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Abu Dhabi Airport Terminals

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminals

After arriving at the airport, you will enter one of the three terminals in the Abu Dhabi airport terminals. Each terminal has its tasks and facilities to meet the needs of passengers.

Check out what airports are at the airport through the explanation below:

1. Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1

Of the three terminals, Terminal 1 is the oldest at this airport. There are three levels at terminal 1, namely:

  • Level 1 – Arrival Area, Departure Area, and Passport Control

This is The ground level where the Arrivals Area is located. There is a baggage, passport control, and departure area, with check-in counters and security checks.

  • Level 2 – Boarding Gates, Concession, and Other Facilities

It is the location of the departure area, and passengers will find gates 3 to 11 with several concessions and facilities.

  • Satellite Lower Level – Boarding Gates

You can find boarding gates 14 to 19 on satellite lower level.

Some services you can enjoy at Terminal 1 include lost luggage, currency exchange, ATMs, duty-free prayer rooms, and many more. While in Terminal 1, five types of lounges can help you get a better experience.

2. Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2

 Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2

This second terminal has fewer facilities and often serves low-cost carriers.

Unlike Terminal 1, Terminal 2 only has 1 level or single level. Because it only consists of a single level, the arrivals and departures area are located on the same floor. This section also includes supporting facilities such as concessions, restaurants, and cafés.

  • Left Side

The arrivals area is on the left side of this terminal facility. Passengers who arrive will carry out baggage claims and passport control. In addition, passengers also have access to various transportation options. 

  • Right Side

Then on the right side of Terminal 2 is a departure area if you want to take a flight to your destination. You can find check-in area facilities, security checks and customs, and passport controls in the departure area.

After you go through the security check, you will see several support areas. Some of them are duty-free, with concessions, prayer rooms, relaxation areas, and gates number 24, 25, and 26.

Because it serves low-cost flights and the size of the place is small, the facilities at Terminal 2 are also less than Terminal 1.

Remember that ATM facilities can also help with your financial problems and medical services if health problems occur at any time. A smoking room is also available so that cigarette smoke does not disturb other people.

Then, at Terminal 2, there are no airport lounge facilities for passengers.

3. Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 3

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is an expansion of the western area of Terminal 1, which is here to provide maximum service to every passenger at this terminal.

If Terminal 1 has three levels, then Terminal 3 only consists of two. The two levels of Terminal 3 are:

  • Ground Level

The ground level specifically serves passenger arrivals, so this is the arrivals area. Each passenger will go through baggage claim, security screening, claim their baggage, arrival hall, and customs. These activities vary with the facilities at Terminal 1.

  • Level 1

After carrying out a security check, you will arrive at level 1. Due to the various types of flights, the entrances for premium and economic classes will be different. Meanwhile, for the departures section, you can find access to the Mezzanine or Food Village location.

Passengers will also find duty-free shops, cafes, and the 28-61 gate area.

Furthermore, the services available at Terminal 3 are currency exchange, lost luggage, restaurants and cafes, and ATMs. Remember that there is also parking, baggage service, and prayer rooms.

Same with Terminal 1, you can also take advantage of the lounge facilities at Terminal 3. Several types of lounges available are:

  • Etihad Airways Premium Lounges. This area provides snacks, drinks, premium food, showers, and Wi-Fi services. You can use this lounge three hours before the first departure. This service closes after the last exit.
  • The Residence by Etihad Suite: The services you can get are premium food, showers, drinks, telephones, TV, and Wi-Fi. You can come from the first departure hour to the last departure on that day.
  • Etihad Airways Premium Lounge (US Departures). As the name suggests, this lounge specifically serves departures from the US, which opens three hours before the first departure and closes at the last exit on that day. You can enjoy Wi-Fi, printers, TV, copiers, snacks, and drinks.
  • Etihad Airways First Class Lounge & Spa. You will receive more facilities in this lounge, such as TV, spa, telephones, Wi-Fi, showers, magazines and newspapers, gym, children’s area, and snacks. Unlike other lounges, which have a limited opening time, this last lounge is open 24 hours.

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