7 The Busiest Airports in the World

The busiest airports in the world are more than just a place to catch a plane. You may always find surprising or shocking things sometimes when you get there. The situation seems confusing, especially at such busy and large airports in the country. Not to mention the security measures can be very intimidating. Just be sure you always check your luggage and travel documents.

Have you ever wondered why you often end up spending much time just to get your documents checked or wait in line at the ticket counter? Well, the latest list of world busiest airports released by Airports Council International (ACI) will make you understand why.

Airports Council International is the only world’s airports trade representative established in 1991. One of their tasks is providing information about the airports, including the passengers’ traffic rate. So, here is the 2017 report list of the seven busiest airports in the world:

7 Busiest Airports in the World

• Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia with 104 million passengers
• Beijing Capital International Airport in China with 96 million passengers
• Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates (UEA) with 96 million passengers
• Tokyo Haneda International Airport in Japan with 85 million passengers
• Los Angeles International Airport in California with 84, 6 million passengers
• Chicago’s O’hare International Airport in Illinois with 80 million passengers
• London Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom with 78 million passengers

Busiest Airports in the World - tokyo international airport

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There are actually 20 airports reported on 2017 world busiest airports and the list above is the top 7. ACI has viewed the increasing demand for passenger numbers and air cargo across the major airports around the globe every year. The passenger movement grew by 5.2% in 2017. The total cargo, mail is included, is also estimated to grow about 7.9% while the international freight rose about 9.9%.

ACI also mention that the increasing cargo volumes and passengers movements show how business and consumers get more confident about the air transportation services, at least in the short term. The airports also still become the vital point for aviation services and as an enabler for the growing world trade activities, especially in China and the US. It connects people, business, and places.

Remember that the busiest does not mean the best or most punctual one. If you want to know the best airports list, Skytrax will have Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo on the top three. It is Denver International which places the first best airport in the USA and the 29th one in the globe.

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