Tips to Avoid Jet Lag on Long Flights

Traveling overseas often make travelers feel jet lag for the leap of the time zones. Our internal body’s clock needs some days to get used to the leap, and it might cause sleeping and waking cycle disruption.

When you are suffering jet lag, the symptoms that are often felt are sleepiness in the daytime, night insomnia, confusion, lack of concentration, lack of appetite or hunger inappropriately, irritability, etc. The condition must be disturbing. Some tips below may help you to solve the jet lag.


Adjust the Internal Clock of Your Body

About four days before the departure, shift the eating and sleeping times gradually so you can correspond the condition with your destination. Then use the local time for the daily activities when you arrive.

Choose the Overnight Flights

The overnight flights will let you having dinner normally and you will have more time to sleep. You will arrive in the morning or afternoon to the destination and replicate the normal schedule and reset the internal clock will be easier.

Limit Coffee Consumption

It is important to avoid caffeine and overeating during the flight and 12 hours before the departure. It reduces the total sleep during the trip because you will awake longer and wake up more often.

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Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

During the flight, make sure you drink minimally 8ounces of water each hour, even though you are not thirsty. For the users of contact lenses, make sure you clean them well before traveling, get some eye drops during the flight, and remove the contact lenses when you are going to take a nap. Also always hydrate your skin and face by carrying moisturizing lotion, hydrating face spray containing essential oils, and lip balm.

Avoid Alcohol during the Flight

The air in the cabin dehydrates the passengers much faster. Consuming alcohol will make you dry out much more and the effect will be faster than when you are on the ground. It will also worsen the jet lag symptoms.

Try to Sleep during a Long Trip

Sleep during the long trip is important to avoid jet lag. You might need to choose business or first class in order to get comfortable sleep time. Alternatively, bring a pillow or another padding to help you sleep well during the flight.

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