Your Definitive Da Nang Airport Guide: Farewell to Nuisance!

Are you planning a journey to Vietnam, particularly to the captivating city of Da Nang, in the near future? To ensure your trip unfolds seamlessly, familiarizing yourself with the details of Da Nang Airport would undoubtedly be a wise endeavor.

In this article, we will delve into the highlights of Da Nang Airport, exploring its terminals, nearby hotels, available transportation options, and the best things to do in this captivating city. Additionally, we will provide insight into an enchanting journey from Da Nang to the historic city of Hue.

About Da Nang International Airport (DAD)

Da Nang Airport

Da Nang Airport serves as the primary gateway to Central Vietnam, an area teeming with natural beauty, cultural marvels, and captivating historical sites. As a tourism hub in its own right, Da Nang has earned global recognition for its unspoiled beaches, lively nightlife, and delightful cuisine. 

With a history dating back to the 1930s, Da Nang Airport is one of Vietnam’s oldest aviation centers. Originally named Tourane Airport during the French colonial period, it started as a modest airfield with military functions. Throughout World War II, the airport fell under Japanese control but was subsequently recaptured by the French.

During the 1950s, Da Nang Airport underwent extensive expansion and enhancements, evolving into a civilian aviation facility. It gained significant importance during the Vietnam War, serving as a pivotal military base for the U.S. Army. Following the war, the airport underwent renovations and modernization, emerging as a vital domestic and international gateway.

Situated along the southern coast of Da Nang City in Central Vietnam, the airport occupies a prominent position catering to both tourism and economic endeavors. Its closeness to renowned tourist spots like Hoi An and Hue renders it a convenient entryway for travelers delving into the region’s cultural legacy. 

Moreover, the airport’s contemporary amenities and links to major cities propel the region’s economic advancement. Its strategic placement also bolsters regional security initiatives, establishing Da Nang Airport as an essential asset for the progress and prosperity of Central Vietnam.


Da Nang Airport Terminal

Da Nang International Airport features two contemporary terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, designed to cater to travelers’ diverse needs. Terminal 1 primarily serves domestic flights, while Terminal 2 is dedicated to international arrivals and departures. 

These terminals are outfitted with cutting-edge facilities, guaranteeing a smooth travel journey for passengers. Among the numerous airlines operating at the airport, prominent carriers like Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, and Bamboo Airways are present.

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Da Nang airport hotels

For travelers seeking convenience and comfort, there are several excellent hotel options near Da Nang Airport. The AIRPORT Homestay offers a cozy and homely atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a home away from home. 

La Maison Des Délices Hotel & Apartment impresses with its fusion of modern amenities and traditional charm, assuring an unforgettable stay. Samdi Hotel Da Nang caters to discerning guests with its luxury offerings, while Dreamy Sky Boutique Hotel provides a tranquil retreat amidst the bustling city. 

Lastly, Queen Hotel Da Nang offers a comfortable stay with its warm hospitality and convenient location.

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Transportations at Da Nang airport

Da Nang Airport offers a range of transportation options to facilitate your journey. Upon arrival, you’ll find taxis, shuttle buses, and private car services readily available. 

For those who favor public transportation, the airport is well-integrated into the city’s bus network. Additionally, car rental services are also available, enabling travelers to explore Da Nang and its surrounding areas at their own pace.

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Best Things to Do in Da Nang

Best Things to Do in Da Nang

Da Nang is a city teeming with thrilling attractions and activities. Among the must-visit destinations, the captivating Ba Na Hills stands out. Situated atop a mountain, this French-inspired village presents breathtaking views and a joyous amusement park. 

The Linh Ung Pagoda, adorned with its majestic 67-meter-tall statue of the Lady Buddha, provides a tranquil spiritual encounter. Another essential experience is exploring Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its well-preserved architecture, charming streets, and enchanting lantern-lit evenings.

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Going to Hue from Da Nang Airport

Hue Vietnam

If you find yourself with additional time to explore beyond Da Nang, consider embarking on a journey to Hue, an ancient city steeped in history and culture. Renowned for its imperial heritage, the Imperial City of Hue stands as a testament to Vietnam’s illustrious past. The Thien Mu Pagoda, a splendid seven-story pagoda overlooking the Perfume River, is another iconic site that merits a visit. 

Furthermore, Hue’s tranquil ambiance and scenic landscapes will captivate and enchant you.

In conclusion, Da Nang Airport stands as the gateway to Central Vietnam’s treasure trove of wonders. From its modern terminals and nearby hotels to the array of transportation options, the airport guarantees a comfortable start to your journey.

Upon arriving in Da Nang, a spectrum of unforgettable experiences awaits, from exploring captivating hills to immersing yourself in the city’s rich cultural heritage. 

Additionally, the nearby excursion to Hue opens up even more avenues for discovery. Embrace the allure of Da Nang and its surrounding destinations, as this enchanting city promises an adventure like no other. 

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Now that you are well-informed about Da Nang Airport, your wanderlust is likely soaring, eager to pack your bags and embark on an adventure there. Waste no time – swiftly book your flight through Airpaz and unveil the best prices and offers available. 


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