8 Best Things to Do in Orlando: Thrilling and Exciting!

Orlando, Florida, is a theme park paradise for enthusiasts. This central Florida city boasts numerous captivating attractions that are a must-visit at least once in a lifetime. Here is the information about travel tips and the best things to do in Orlando.

Best Things to Do in Orlando 

Best things to do in Orlando

Orlando is a popular tourist destination for families on vacation. With numerous theme parks, children can enjoy a blend of learning and play.

An interesting fact about Orlando is that it holds the title of the world’s theme park capital. This is attributed to the city hosting a multitude of theme parks, each featuring a variety of amusement attractions. As a result, more than 75 million tourists visit Orlando annually.

What to Do in Orlando

Tourists can enjoy numerous things to do in Orlando, Florida, with kids, such as watching theater performances, exploring science and technology, going on rides, and more. Here is detailed information on some of the best things to do in Orlando.

1. Enter the World of Wonder at Walt Disney World Resort

 Best things to do in Orlando

Among many fun activities in Orlando, a visit to Walt Disney World Resort is a must. This resort features two water parks and four theme parks for families to enjoy. Additionally, visitors can attend Cirque du Soleil shows and explore the Disney Springs shopping mall.

Date-based tickets are available, costing USD 109 per day for visitors aged 10 years and over. To reach Walt Disney World Resort from MCO airport, you can use a car rental or taxi with a travel time of around 21 minutes.

2. Ignite Your Inner Thrill-Seeker at Universal Orlando Resort

Best things to do in Orlando

One of the top attractions in Orlando among tourists is Universal Orlando Resort. At this resort, you can enter attractions with the themes of Harry Potter, Transformers, Jurassic Park, and many more.

The resort is located at 6000 Universal Boulevard, approximately a 22-minute drive from MCO Orlando airport. A 1-day ticket costs start from USD 80 per person.

3. ICON Park as The Best Things to Do in Orlando

Best things to do in Orlando

ICON Park, an amusement park open daily from 11 AM to 11 PM, is located at 8375 International Drive, about 18 minutes away from Orlando International Airport.

Visitors can enjoy thrilling rides, including a Ferris wheel, carousel, museum of illusion, sea life aquarium, etc. Entrance tickets start from USD 30 per person. This can be the best things to do in Orlando.

4. Embark on a Cosmic Adventure at the Kennedy Space Center

Best things to do in Orlando

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is one of the best things to do in Orlando that you cannot miss! In this place, you can learn many things related to space, such as the history of NASA, exhibitions of items related to space missions, and more.

 It will take around 45 minutes from MCO airport to reach this tourist spot. Additionally, entrance tickets to the Kennedy Space Center cost around USD 57 for adults and USD 47 for children.

5. Dive into the Mesmerizing Oceanic Beauty of SeaWorld Orlando

Best things to do in Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is a science and technology tourist attraction that encompasses everything related to the water world. Here, visitors, especially children, can watch animals and enjoy the Sesame Street Land parade. You can visit this place as the best things to do in Orlando!

SeaWorld Orlando is located at 7007 SeaWorld Drive, about a 20-minute drive away from MCO Orlando airport. The entrance ticket to this tourist attraction costs around USD 55-85.

6. Immerse Yourself in the Spectacular Dr. Phillips Center

Dr. Phillips Center

Apart from visiting theme parks, other notable things to do in Orlando is visiting the Dr. Phillips Center, located at 445 South Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, approximately 17 km from MCO airport. The travel time to this attraction is around a 24-minute drive by car or taxi from MCO.

At this venue, you can watch family-friendly entertainment, such as live music and Broadway shows, such as The Nutcracker and The Jungle Book, performed by the Orlando Ballet.

The entrance ticket fee depends on the show you want to see. For example, an entrance fee of USD 29 is charged per person to watch The Nutcracker performance. It can be one of the best things to do in Orlando!

7. Set Your Science Imagination Ablaze at Orlando Science Center

Best things to do in Orlando

Visiting the Orlando Science Center is one of the recommended family-friendly activities in Orlando. This museum, which has been around for more than six decades, features workshops, labs, theaters, and interactive exhibits.

The Orlando Science Center is located at 777 East Princeton Street, approximately a 28-minute drive from MCO airport. Additionally, the museum is closed on Wednesdays and has an entrance fee ranging from USD 15 to 21.

8. Get Hooked on the Jaw-Dropping Adventure at Gatorland

Best things to do in Orlando

Another tourist spot as the best things to do in Orlando is Gatorland. This animal theme park is situated at 14501 South Orange Blossom Trail, about a 17-minute drive from MCO International Airport.

Gatorland is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM, offering visitors various attractions related to alligators. For ticket prices, visitors must pay entrance fees starting from USD 23 to 33.

Traveling Tips in Orlando

Best things to do in Orlando

Ensure an enjoyable holiday in Orlando by paying attention to several important things:

  1. Be prepared for heavy traffic in downtown Orlando, especially around the tourist area.
  2. Choose the best time to visit Orlando. To avoid excessively hot weather while exploring the city, consider coming in spring (March to early May).
  3. Evaluate the best transportation option for getting around Orlando. Opting for a rental car or taxi can make your travel more convenient.
  4. Select the right restaurants to enjoy good food, as not all food in tourist areas is equally tasty. You can have an enjoyable dining experience in Orlando by having good food in the Universal Studio Citywalk area or Disney Springs shopping mall.

Finally, these are the best things to do in Orlando that you can include in your itinerary list. Visit Airpaz to find the best flight ticket and hotel deals for your trip to Orlando, Florida!


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